Medical Examination for Canadian Immigration

Medical Examination for Canadian Immigration

Canada is a prime destination for immigration, whether it is for moving to the country permanently or securing a temporary stay under a work permit. The Canadian Government allows youth and skilled professionals to immigrate there to contribute to their economics positively. 

If you want to immigrate to Canada as a skilled professional, get a work permit, go there for higher studies, you need to undergo a medical test prescribed by the country. Since it is a critical part of your application, it is vital to contact consultants offering immigration services for Canada and assess the medical requirements based on your application. 

Need for Medical Examination:

The IRCC, or the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, requires this exam before visitors arrive in Canada. It is mandatory for permanent residence (PR) applications, temporary resident applications, educational purposes, and visitors. For every visitor, good medical health is necessary for immigration.

Why is it Necessary to Get a Medical Exam for Canadian Immigration?

The main reason to get the medical examination done is to ensure that a visitor is fit to travel to Canada. They should not pose any threat to the country’s public health. In addition, they should also not cause any unnecessary burden on the Canadian public health system by their medical condition. 

What Kind of Medical Examination Procedure is Required?

● Generally, an IRCC panel physician carries out the medical examination of a person’s health who is immigrating to Canada. No other medical certification by a non-IRCC doctor will be considered.

● As part of the IRCC approved medical exam, you need to fill a personal medical history questionnaire and get a physical examination and other medically necessary tests done as required by the panel physician. 

● When you go for your medical test, it is recommended to carry your proof of identification, such as your passport or other government ID. Also, provide any list of medications you are taking.

● When applying for a Canadian PR, standard tests are physical checks for heart, lungs, eyes, nose, chest X-rays, urine tests, and blood tests for HIV and Syphilis.

When is the Medical Examination Conducted?

You can get your medical exam conducted in advance for some Canadian immigration programs. However, you need to undergo the assessment only after you have applied for other programs. In most cases, IRCC will contact you give you a deadline to get the examination done. You can contact the authorities within the given period to schedule the exam and get it done.

What is the cost of the Medical Examination?

The cost of your immigration medical exam conducted by a panel physician from IRCC depends upon your country. You can consult with your Canada visa consultants or the panel physician regarding the associated costs of the examination.

How Long are the Medical Examination Results Valid?

The results of your IRCC medical examination are valid for 12 months from the date of conducting the exam. If the results are older than this, you will have to contact your Canada visa consultants and get the medical exam done again.


Individuals immigrating to Canada need to get a medical examination done as per the visa requirements. The test is done by the Canadian immigration service authorities to determine whether a person immigrating to Canada is medically fit and can be granted the immigration status.

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