About Us

Thank you for visiting the site, dailymidtime.com. We respect your right to protect your privacy. This is an important aspect of our business. Our company’s ‘privacy policy’ is simple: if you do not wish to visit our websites, we do not store your personal information with us. It is our policy to collect this information on a large scale. If you visit our website, read the pages and download some information but do not register for any of our services, we will automatically store certain information about your visit. Your exact identity cannot be identified from this information. Information that is automatically collected includes what browser you use (eg Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.), what operating system you use (eg Windows 19 or Mac OS, etc.) and the name of the company providing the Internet service (e.g. America Online, Satyam Online, Mantra Online, BSNL, etc), date and time of your visit and which pages of the site you visit Information about music is deposited. Sometimes we use this non-personal information in the design of our website, to improve the text and to give the reader a better browsing experience.