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Mp3 player is a small portable digital audio player used to play audio files. It also saves and organizes the files stored there. You can attach it to earphones to listen to your personal music perfectly, or attach it to external speakers for group listening.

Types of mp3 players:

Various types of players are available on the market. The main types are memory flash, hard drive-based players, and mp3 CD players.

Flash-based players have a built-in flash memory chip. They are very small, portable and unobtrusive. Their memory ranges from 32MB to 2GB, and the cost of the player depends on the storage capacity. Creative Muvo, iRiver iFP, and Apple iPod shuffle are very popular brands in the Flash-based category new song download

Hard drive based mp3 players come with a 1.8 inch hard disk drive for storing music, which is most convenient for storing large amounts of music. The capacity of the disk is very large, about 10GB or more. This type of player is not recommended for use during physical activity or sports, as hard disk drives have moving parts that can damage the moving parts. The Apple iPod is one of the best-selling players in this category.

MP3 players with micro hard drives are especially the latest trend. Comes with a much smaller hard disk drive with ample storage capacity of about 4-5GB. Micro hard disk drives allow for a more compact and convenient design. The best-selling models in this category are Creative Zen Micro, Apple Ipod mini, and Rio Carbon.

The Mp3 CD player looks like a regular CD player. You can save up to 150 mp3 songs on one disc and play them on your CD-MP3 player. They are usually offered in large sizes, but this is not very convenient and portable.

mp3 player features-pre-purchase considerations:

Storage capacity: If you have few or limited songs that need to be stored, a flash-based mp3 player will suffice, but if you need an entire library of songs, you should choose a hard disk-based mp3 player. .. Some players also come with expansion slots to expand your storage capacity.

Weight and size: For sports activities and travel, we recommend a small compact player. A flash-based player or micro hard drive player is ideal for this purpose.

Connectivity: Computer connectivity is a very important factor to consider when buying an mp3 player. Compatibility with high speed USB transfer is an additional benefit when considering options before purchase.

Battery Life: This is an important feature if you have an mp3 player and want to move it to a location that is not easily accessible to charge the battery. There are several flash players that offer AAA battery support suitable for traveling as they can be replaced when the battery runs out. Hard disk players usually support power-rechargeable lithium batteries.

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