When to Hire a Carpet Cleaning Service

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Let’s face it: if you have carpets, they are bound to be dirty. That’s just the nature of the beast. Sometimes you can put off professional cleaning for a while… but you can’t procrastinate forever. To help you decide when it’s best to hire a carpet cleaning service, we’ve put together a quick guide to the most convenient times (for clients and cleaners) to clean carpets and large rugs.

  1. When you move in or out of your home.

Whether you’re moving into your dream home or moving out of your family home, chances are there will be a time when rooms will have little to no decor. So this is the perfect time to call in a professional carpet cleaner. (You may also want to consider having the carpets refinished to ensure they are in the best possible condition).

  1. Before a meeting or large event.

Are you planning to host a party at your home? If so, it’s a good excuse to hire a carpet cleaning service. That way, your home will look and smell its best for the benefit of your guests. (Remember, you probably don’t think about the fact that your carpet absorbs odors, but it does. You may not notice it because you’re home all the time, but guests will definitely notice).

  1. After an accident or large spill.

Did you know that a very young child (or aging pets) can have an accident on your living room carpet? Maybe there was a recent food spill in your room that you can’t seem to “pick up” on the carpet? This is a great opportunity to hire an Impressive Carpet Cleaning service to eliminate the possibility of mold on your flooring or underlayment.

  1. After a flea “bomb” of any kind has been released.

Have you ever had to drop a flea and tick “bomb” in your home? Once these bombs kill all the bugs, the carcasses of the little critters will remain buried deep in the fibers of your carpet. While some can be vacuumed out, many will remain until you call in a professional carpet cleaner. Even if you can’t see them, they are there.

  1. If someone in your household has been diagnosed with allergies or asthma.

Have you or a loved one who lives with you been diagnosed with allergies or asthma? These problems can often be exacerbated by dirty carpets (and they can be dirty even if they don’t look it). By investing in a carpet cleaning service, you can rid your carpets of “common allergens, such as pollen and dust mites, that have entered the home. Your room will be cleaner and healthier for your entire family, especially for those who suffer from allergies.

Now that you know when to clean, don’t waste time. Pick up the phone and schedule an appointment for your carpet cleaning.

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