How To Create Secret Message Link On Facebook

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How to create a secret Facebook message link Hello everyone, see you again. This time, I’ll share a tutorial on Facebook on how to link to a secret Facebook message. Let’s take a look at this article together.

Did you know that you can connect to face book’s secret messages? Later, if someone clicks on a secret message link shared on Facebook, that person can send a private message without your name. Otherwise, you will need to log in.

It definitely keeps your privacy intact. Also, you cannot directly link to Face book’s Facebook private messages because we need help from other websites.

For those who want to  secret message link on Facebook Android or Messenger, here are some tips on how to link to secret Facebook messages.

How do I create a secret Facebook message link?

1. First open your browser and go to

2. Enter the desired name in the nickname field.

3. Then press the Create Link button to create a link to your secret message.

4. Then tap View Credentials.

5. Your user ID and PIN will be used to log in again, so you will need to register and save them.

6. After saving, scroll down and press Click to Copy.

7. The secret message link you created has been successfully copied and can now be shared on Facebook.

8. Open your Facebook account.

9. You can send, share, or link secret messages in your status, messages, and even your Facebook profile.

When someone clicks on the link, they’re taken to a column where they can write a secret message. Click the Send Secret Message button to enter the secret message into your account on the website.

How to show hidden Facebook messages?

Make sure you’re still signed in to learn how to show hidden Facebook messages. If you leave the page, you can log in again using your username and password. You need to return to this page.

Scroll down and tap Confirm Message. You will see your secret Facebook message. You can delete it by clicking the trash can icon.

How to link secret Facebook messages to show hidden Facebook messages. Thank you for your understanding.

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