11 Great Yoga Asanas Images With Names Ideas That You Can Do At Home

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Yoga Asanas Images With Names Ideas: Yoga – an ancient form of practice that developed thousands of years ago in Indian society and has been practiced continuously since then. It involves a variety of exercises to keep a person healthy and get rid of various diseases and disabilities. It is also considered as a strong method for meditation which helps to relax the mind and body. Yoga is being practiced all over the world. According to a survey, around 2 billion people in the world practice yoga.

Here. Is this article we’ are writing about Yoga Asanas Images With Names.

Ardha Chandrasana

Ardha Chandrasana As the name suggests, in this posture, the body is rotated in the shape of half moon. This is also done by standing. This asana is beneficial for the whole body.


Daily practice of Bhujangasana posture eliminates waist problems. This asana is beneficial for back and spinal cord.


The cat is also called margar, hence it is called margariasan. This yoga posture is very beneficial for keeping the body energetic and active. This asana stretches the bones of the spine, which makes the body flexible.

These 11 Great Yoga Asanas Images With Names Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends & Family

Yoga is a practice that works on eight levels of development in the fields of mental, physical,
spiritual and social health. The mind remains clear and focused as long as physical health is intact.

Nataraja Asana

Nataraja Asana increases lung function. This yoga makes the shoulders strong as well as the arms and legs.  posture is very beneficial for those who have to work continuously.

Gomukh asana

Gomukh posture is the yoga to make the body shapely. This yoga pose is done by sitting. Gomukh asana is a very beneficial exercise for women.


By daily practice of Halasan, the bones of the spine remain flexible. Many types of bone troubles occur in old age. This asana is very useful for stomach diseases, thyroid, asthma, phlegm and blood related diseases.

SethuDam Asana

SethuDam Asana posture is a good exercise for the abdominal muscles and thighs. When you practice this yoga, there is energy in the body.


Sukhasana is yoga performed by sitting. This yoga is a peace of mind. During this yoga, nose breathing and exhalation is done.


Konasana is done by sitting. Waist, spine bones, chest and axes take special part in this yoga pose. This yoga is done to remove the tension present in these organs.


Utsasana means the same currency as camel. While practicing this asana, the body’s camel is visible. Therefore it is called Utsasana. Ustasana makes the front part of the body flexible and strong. With this asana, the chest expands, which increases lung function.

urdhva mukha asana

urdhva mukha asana is done by tilting the head down like a dog. Therefore it is called the downward facing dog posture. urdhva mukha asana posture helps to keep the spinal cord straight. This is a good exercise for the leg muscles.

Yoga helps in controlling body, mind and soul. It creates a balance of physical and mental discipline to calm the body and mind. It also helps to manage stress and anxiety and helps you to be relaxed. Yoga asana is known for developing strength, flexibility in the body and confidence.

Reasons to practice yoga regularly

Yoga is an art that connects our body, mind and soul together and makes us strong and peaceful. Yoga is essential because it keeps us fit, helps reduce stress and maintain overall health and a healthy mind can only help in focusing well.

Yoga gurus or teachers can teach the proper combination of the four fundamental paths as it is necessary for every seeker. According to the ancient proverbs, it is necessary to work under the instructions of the Guru to get the above yoga path.

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