World’s First Transforming LED TV

World’s First Transforming LED TV

Our world is changing day by day. The things which were assumptions in previous years are now proving reality. Science and technology are growing hand in hand for human comfort. This is because there are hundreds of brands in the world manufacturing quality products that are enhancing human comfort.

One of the biggest brands from those companies is Skyworth.  Skyworth is the only company turning virtual reality and visualization into practical experience. We are now no step away from a smart assistant in our LED TVs also. But for the time being, we might discuss W82, the best Skyworth OLED TV. 

It’s not a big deal that many of us are not aware of Skyworth products or even the model we are going to discuss w82. But I’m sure after going through our review, you must kick out your brand and get your hands on the actual visual company.

So yes, we are talking about the world’s only and best transformable LED TV which could be transformed into larger and shorter curvature. You might have seen bending screen mobiles and assuming the miracles of technology. But dude, relax! As Skyworth is unveiling every hidden secret of technology.

W82 LED comes with a mass-produced curvature-changing screen which could be changed depending on your audience and the content quality. With the single click of a button, this LED would be varying its curvature up to 2000R for Movies watching and 1500R for gaming.

This LED TV is not only a Cinematic viewing Movie or song displaying Screen but also the best gaming partner with faster connectivity and extra color effects. You can easily connect any of your gaming consoles including Xbox and PS5, it would give you the best quality and display depending on your sitting. There would be no hang or delay in picture moving when there is a faster refreshing rate of the screen. No less than a smart TV with a Camera and WiFi 6. There is much more to unbox but you need to buy it.

Bolded Features;

  • WiFi 6 for faster connectivity with no bandwidth issues.
  • 240Hz screen refreshing rate with no buffering or picture blurry.
  • Wider Display with curvature changing for the audience.
  • Al picture adoption engine for better visualization.
  • Supporting the best Gaming experience with all the necessary features.


A man of time is a person developing himself depending on the current time and situations. Thus where every home is getting smart and digitized with modern tech gadgets, why are you left behind? Also when you have a companion like Skyworth then no worries left for buying LED TVs. I don’t think there is something left behind in this LED that can alter the call of perfection for it. So buy this LED TV and embellish your home.

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