Why Does Abortion Exist?

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It is a free society and a modern world. People have a broad view of life. However, the concept of abortion has been widely debated, with varying opinions from different people. There are some who support abortion, while others say it should not be allowed under any circumstances, often saying it is morally unethical.

Be That as it May

Be that as it may, it is very disheartening that there are cases where women and adolescents do not respect the notion of fertility. It is extremely important to understand how the concept of abortion impacts the mind. Think about this. You may no longer be able to reproduce or plan a child.

Whether for reasons of population control or “mistake,” there are a number of reasons why abortion occurs. While some may be justified, most are not.

Many people want

Many people want to put off the whole responsibility of having a baby because it is not the “right time.” Interesting is another fact: People may be intimate for fun, but they certainly think twice when it comes to allowing themselves a child. Couldn’t a condom have ensured that this wouldn’t happen? This is something couples don’t understand and that’s why abortion exists.

Even worse are the cases where the mother is just a teenager and doesn’t even know what pregnancy means. It is inevitable that an abortion will occur.

Married people may also need to have an abortion. The reasons may be many. You may not be sure you want to live with your husband. Aborting the baby may seem like the best solution. In most cases, if the couple is happily married and already has two children to care for, they will say no to a third and choose abortion.

There are cases where there is a possibility that the mother will lose her life and in these cases abortions are also performed. Although this type of abortion may be justified, the couple should ensure that a proper medical examination is performed every so often to avoid such cases.

Abortion only when necessary

Abortion should only be performed when necessary. You don’t always have to go to the doctor as well, as there are options like going to an abortion pill clinic that can help you with the abortion. However, make sure first that you really want to carry out the abortion.

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