Why Do You Need To Create An Interactive Video?

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In this digital age, connecting with your audience is critical to your brand’s ability to build online credibility. When a company continually engages with its customers, they consider your brand a trusted company and don’t mind using your product in the future.

Incorporating interactive post video is one of the best ways to connect seamlessly with your customers. Video allows people to give direct feedback to the brand. This is a great asset for a company to understand what the market really says about their products.

What is Interactive Video?

Interactive post video is a new form of video content that allows viewers to interact with interactive video through specific tools. People can click buttons, hover the mouse, and make gestures to experience something different from linear video.

Linear video itself is typical traditional video that allows users to view the entire content without interaction. This is passive media that allows viewers to simply click the play button, rewind, fast forward, and pause to enjoy the video.

Due to this difference, many marketers often used interactive video to effectively connect with their customers. While common types like descriptive videos help convey the brand’s message concisely, including interactive videos in your marketing strategy can give you different and better results.

Before creating an interactive post video, let’s take a look at some of the options used there.

Data entry

This built-in option allows viewers to enter information such as name, email address, institution, and age.


Users can take a video quiz. You can answer the question by choosing from multiple choices and entering the answer.


Viewers can control the viewing direction and watch the video from any angle.


These are the clickable buttons on the video. Viewers can quickly click a button to go to another page.

Why you need to create an interactive video

In general, video is great for communicating messages in the online world. The reason is that they can quickly and seamlessly address the problems of the audience.

However, interactive post video is different from regular video. People can interact with the brand and provide feedback, raising viewer interest and providing a new and enjoyable viewing experience.

You can consider whether to create an interactive video instead of a linear video. However, there are many reasons why you need to create interactive videos for your business.

Very attractive

It’s clear that interactive video is more compelling than traditional video. Built-in options allow viewers to interact quickly and make some gestures in the video. You can enter information or click specific buttons.

All these activities are interesting because you ask them to participate on their own. That way, people can enjoy unique videos. When people find it interesting to watch a video, it’s easier to leave a comment and vote.

Needless to say, video can spread incredibly through social platforms. Viewers can quickly share your video with the closest video. These interactions increase engagement and allow you to reach out to more people on your video calls.

Here is an interactive video created with Cinema8

Memorable content

The interactive post video encourages the viewer to perform actions such as clicking a button or filling out a form. These activities require a high degree of concentration when taking action.

For example, hovering over the video content will give you complete information. When you’re ready to move on, click the button and you’re more likely to remember the message. As a result, you can fully understand the message rather than passively watching a single video.

In addition, interactive video often provides content that is unlikely to impress the viewer. This is because people need to be involved for this type of video to work.

Therefore, when aiming for user interaction, be sure to create your own content that will further attract users.

Brings valuable information

The advantage of having an interactive video is that you can collect useful information from the viewer’s interaction. For example, quiz answers can help you plan your future strategy. Information such as customer data and preferences is one of the greatest assets of a business.

If the viewer is willing to enter and send the data, they will succeed in collecting high quality leads for the next campaign. You can use this information to promote your product and offer several products through email marketing. These leads can turn into customers because they have already been exposed to brand information through previous interactive videos.

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