Most diets cause a reduction in metabolism , partly as a result of the very low calorie intake. Reducing metabolism means we burn fewer calories at rest. Very contradictory when you consider that the goal of the diet is ‘weight loss’.

The body then desperately tries to survive by making the metabolism more efficient. This is done, among other things, by reducing the amount of muscle mass and storing the food as much as possible as fat; a reserve for even ‘worse’ times. The amount of muscle mass is the most important indicator of metabolism. Compare this with, for example, a stove. The bigger the stove, the more you can burn.

In other words, the body composition is negatively influenced by the diets, the fat percentage goes up and the muscle mass goes down. In other words, we may lose some body weight but look worse on the beach.

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“Losing weight is the wrong goal. You should forget about your weight and instead concentrate on shedding fat and gaining muscle!”

In addition, the body usually receives too few valuable nutrients during a diet. This gives the body a kind of chronic stress. As we will see later, chronic stress has a negative effect on the hormonal balance and therefore also on the weight loss process.

This explains why 98% of diets do not bring the desired result and certainly do not produce lasting results . Sooner or later people stop the diet, usually because they feel too bad to stick to the diet for life. The body will immediately replenish all deficiencies, plus ‘some extra’ in case of those ‘bad times’ again soon. Also known as the ‘yo-yo effect’.

It is therefore important not to look at someone’s weight but at his or her body composition.

Nowadays there is a lot of information on the internet about what a good or bad, healthy or unhealthy weight would be. The values ​​that are indicated vary enormously. The tables have also been adjusted upwards compared to 20 years ago. Even at the health center where the body weight of babies and toddlers is charted, the weight growth curves have been adjusted upwards!?

The reason for the adjustment of these values ​​is that the average body weight of both babies and adults has increased in recent years. If the values ​​and curves had not been adjusted, the vast majority would be considered too heavy.

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