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Customer service is the backbone of any business, regardless of size or industry. By providing quality customer service, you not only increase your customer satisfaction but also gain loyal customers for your business while enjoying a positive reputation in your industry. Read on to find out what an answering services is and why your business should consider using one.

You should start by improving your company’s communication first. There are many communication channels such as email, social media, chat, and phone calls. But do you know which one stays on top? These are phone calls. Indeed, telephone contact remains an important element of customer service. It’s still often the first thing that comes to a customer’s mind when looking for information or assistance. It is therefore essential to be able to reach you easily and quickly in order to maximize the customer experience. It goes without saying that the last thing you want, is to record complaints vis-à-vis your customer service on the phone. Here are some tips that will allow you to improve the quality of this service within your company.

Minimize missed calls

It’s very frustrating for customers not to be able to contact you – not to mention the risk of loss to the business. With the answering services options offered by the answering service provider, you can significantly reduce the risk of missed calls, even if the volume is high. The service of the receptionist console allows you to ensure appropriate and adapted treatment for each of your calls, thanks to the easy use of a set of features according to your preferences.

Respond quickly!

No matter the call volume, even if it’s just to confirm that the customer has reached your business, you need to respond quickly. If you are unable to take your calls immediately, the call queue service will allow you to place and prioritize these. Moreover, with our systems, any employee can connect to a call queue and respond to customers during peak times. This allows the team to handle peak hours or occasional peaks, without wasting standby resources. In addition, this service also offers the possibility of creating separate queues, depending on the language of the caller, the zone from which his call originates or any other criteria that suits you. Note in conclusion that this service also allows you to create a “priority” call queue for the customers who are most valuable to your business and to whom you want to answer first.

Offer an interactive menu to your customers

Customers can be frustrated when they call a company and find themselves transferred from one department to another before their request is finally processed. Do you have colleagues who cover different areas in your business and want customers to be able to talk to the right person the first time? Configuring an interactive voice response menu(IVR) helps route callers appropriately to the desired destination. Thus, there is no need to call from one department to another, customers simply choose the department or extension they wish to contact via the interactive menu. This not only helps avoid customer frustration due to endless transfers but saves you time by routing them directly to the correct destination. In this sense, the proper configuration of an automated receptionist will save you time and money. So if you hire an answering services they will do your job more perfectly.

Activate voicemail

It’s a misconception that people hate voicemails; most callers will agree to leave a voicemail if the call is returned within a reasonable time. People understand that companies probably won’t attend to their phones 24 hours a day, but they expect you to return their call quickly.

Use waiting time wisely

As you should never miss an opportunity to publicize your products, you can choose to take advantage of your customers’ waiting time to record messages that will be heard while they are waiting. Take the opportunity to communicate notices of interest: your contact details, opening hours and above all the address of your website. You can also adapt them to your promotions or other information specific to your products and services.

Phone calls remain a preferred means of communication for customer service. The call experience must therefore be transparent, pleasant, and easy. The time your customers spend on the phone with your business, whether on hold or talking to an employee, is a golden opportunity to create lasting, profitable relationships that will impact the success of your business. Contact a Cloudli expert today to find out how Cloudli can help you orchestrate a cloud telephony strategy that best suits your needs.

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