Which is the best Network Marketers, alternate to Pi-Network

Which is the best Network Marketers alternate to Pi Network 1

Pi Network launched in 2019 and instantly managed to gain the attention of the investors. It started creating a worldwide buzz even before the Pi coin became available for trading. Pi Network introduced smartphone mining, an innovative idea and an intriguing notion at the same time. 

The Pi Network is a digital currency initiative that intends to make cryptocurrency mining accessible for ordinary people. The Pi Network, created by a group of Stanford alumni, allows users to mine cryptocurrencies using a mobile phone app while verifying transactions on a distributed ledger. It is an affiliate marketing program that enables users to earn through referrals.

The Pi Network sounded too good to be true. The claims they made managed to lure plenty of users to the App but eventually, it became the biggest disappointment, as users were unable to withdraw even a single penny. Even after three years of so-called advanced upgrades and updates, nothing productive came out of it.

Will Pi Network Ever Provide ROI?

The main aim of Pi Network was to introduce a user-friendly app that will enable crypto mining on smartphones and personal computers. 

Phase 1 of the initiative started in 2019 on Pi Day, 14 March, with a free Pi mining app. The network had more than 100,000 active users as of June 2019. When Phase 2 was released a year later, there were more than 3.5 million users. Since its launch, Pi Network has grown at a rapid pace. It claims to have 10 Million active users to date who are, unfortunately, still waiting for a payout and the launch of Phase 3. 

As of now, the Pi coin has no value and is not available on any crypto exchange of the world. The majority of the users are waiting and still hoping to have a legit cashback after all these years of daily mining. But most of the experts are pretty skeptical about the Pi Network. Some even claim that it is a classic MLM scheme in disguise. 

The pi coin has no value in the world of crypto and has no usability either. Millions of dollars have already been invested into the Pi Network, whereas none of the users have been able to enjoy the benefits of withdrawal. Over three years, the Pi Network has kept the users on their toes with new claims now and then. All these new upgrades have turned out to be new fake promises.

An alternative for Pi Network that Pays

After the fiasco of Pi Network, multiple such applications were seen all over the world with bigger and bolder claims. Unfortunately, most of them were merely following in the footsteps of Pi Network. None of these projects are based on Blockchain technology and have failed to launch their token. After facing heavy losses and constant disappointment, users are now looking for legit alternatives.

BFIC Network is World’s First innovative best Stake-Mining network for smartphones. It is part of a larger ecosystem designed by Innovation Factory for BFIC. Compared to Pi Network, BFIC is a legit cryptocurrency based on highly secure blockchain technology. BFIC is already worth $4.5 and is being traded successfully on XchangeOn. Not only is the cryptocurrency legit but it is also backed by a critically designed ecosystem that will increase BFIC’s worth immensely over time. 

BFIC Network offers similar features to Pi Network, It is also said to be the Upcoming best network but the major difference is that BFIC Network rewards are in the form of BFIC that can be cashed out as per the user’s wish. The money will never be stuck within the app and the profit shown will not be just mere numbers. 

Network App

BFIC Network App is designed thoughtfully by keeping everyone in mind. The interface is easy to use and enables daily stake-mining with ease. BFIC Network also includes an affiliate program that pays more than any similar network. Additionally, there are team rewards that allow the users to progress more rapidly along with their team. 

Team rewards are a major part of the BFIC Network reward system. The team rewards are 5-tiered, where each level has a different percentage offered. Progressing in the BFIC network is easy and quick. Besides, direct rewards and mining rewards are also offered. BFIC is already a popular coin among investors. Soon it will top the cryptocurrency charts due to its advanced blockchain technology and power-packed ecosystem. 

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