Which host should I choose for my website?

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In order to make your website accessible, you will have to put it online with a host.

You will therefore have to choose a host and a suitable hosting formula, which is not always easy given the multitude of offers on the market.

This article is part of our guide to how to create a website, it aims to help you see more clearly and understand. What are the most important criteria for choosing your host?

What type of accommodation to choose?

Before we look at the choice of the host itself, let’s take a look at the hosting formulas.

When you arrive for the first time on the site of a host, it is generally panic: you are offered to choose from a multitude of different formulas all expressed with technical terms with which you are not familiar: shared hosting, server dedicated, ingyenes vps, cloud, etc.

Let’s try to see it a little clearer.

Very schematically, your website will be hosted on one or more servers which will have given technical performance: namely a disk space and a quantity of memory.

In this context, the first question to ask yourself is that of the hosting mode, here you have the choice between:

Shared hosting: several websites, including yours, share the same server

Dedicated hosting: you have a server all to yourself

The cloud: you have several dedicated servers and can increase or reduce their number as you see fit

As you can imagine, the cost of hosting and the performance of your website will vary greatly depending on the type of hosting.

Hosting will cost you between 1 and 20€ per month in shared hosting, between 100 and 500€ per month for a dedicated server, and up to several thousand euros in the cloud.

So how to choose?

This actually quite simple Ask you the following 2 questions:

How much will I invest each month in my website in advertising, content creation, and SEO?

Can I afford to be offline once in a while?

The Internet is a very effective customer acquisition channel, but it is not free. Without a minimum investment, your website is unlikely to attract much traffic.

We therefore advise you to initially consider the cost of hosting, and the performance associated with it, as an integral part of your web marketing budget. This reasoning is valid if you are starting from scratch, if you already have a certain volume of traffic it is better to think in thousands of unique visitors per month.

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