What Safaris In Dubai Are Taking Additional Safety Precautions?

What Safaris In Dubai Are Taking Additional Safety Precautions

Dubai became the most visited tourist spot in the world. Many people travel to Dubai to explore this alluring city. Tourists visit its astonishing spots, including desert safaris. The situation of Covid-19 is not pleasant for people.

Everyone is taking additional precautionary measures. People are conscious of visiting the picnic points. That’s the reason many spots are now trying to take certain additional precautionary measures in order to stop the spread of the virus.

It helps them to save a maximum number of people from being infected with a deadly virus. Tourists now check the places before visiting them. 

They may reject visiting certain places that do not offer complete security measures. Safaris are taking the following additional precautionary measures.

Social Distancing

Safaris are trying to practice social distancing. The guide provides information to people regarding social distancing. People cannot travel or walk with groups like they are not allowed to sit in vehicles in groups. Now, they have to follow the additional guidelines.

Everyone who visits the picnic spots is advised to practice social distancing. It helps to inhibit the spread of the virus to a great extent. Guides are committed to safe people from any uneasy situation. The city has provided guidelines for every tour.

They are operating according to these guidelines. People must consume food or travel at a distance. No one is allowed to wear off his or her mask in public areas without any reason. They can wear off their mask during drinking or eating or if they have breathing issues.

Staff practice social distancing. They advised people to practice it too who visit the spot. Some spots may charge a certain amount of fine to the ones who wear off their mask without any reason.

Sanitization Process

Guides are trying their best to sanitize all the necessary equipment. Even they sterilize all the important equipment when people finish using it. At the area of the campsite, you will notice that the process of consistent cleaning is successfully carried out.

It saves the lives of people by making them safe from life-threatening viruses. The staff also wears a mask and advises the visitors to do it. They wear gloves while serving food to people. We advise you not to take your children to covid sensitive places.


Guests are advised to wear their masks all the time and can only wear off their masks in exceptional cases. Safaris can alter its entertainment options and certain products without giving notice for the purpose of security. Staff also disinfect tents after using them.

They disinfect them even before use. In the tents, people get sanitized linens. The most important guidelines to follow are wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

Guidelines Regarding Health And Safety

Only companies are not responsible for taking care of you. But you have to take care of your own self and your dear ones. Safety and health are the top priorities. Safaris have implemented additional precautionary measures regarding hygiene, safety, and health.

Many companies have implemented these guidelines in order to ensure the safety of high levels. Arabian Adventures have also taken additional precautionary measures regarding safe travel. World Travel and Tourism Council has given the stamp of ‘Safe Travel’ to Arabian Adventures.

They have introduced advanced measures of sanitization to guests. They have implemented social distancing strictly during traveling in vehicles. Moreover, pre-designed seats are now allocated to certain passengers. Some seats or rows are now closed too.

This all is done in order to practice social distancing. The staff is supposed to disinfect the areas that are touched highly, including armrests and handles of the doors.

Desert Camps Of Arabian Adventures

The camps in the desert and facilities are meeting the measures of highest safety and security. The standards of hygiene match the guidelines of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. You can safely visit these camps during your stay in the desert.

The staff regularly disinfect all the equipment they offer. All the guests are now safe. They can experience certain activities in the desert safely. Moreover, the dining is safe now. All the tables are now placed at a specific distance, and seats are sanitized properly after use.

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