What Makes TOSTEM INDIA the Best French Window Manufacturer and Dealers in India

French Window Manufacturer

Why Choose French Windows 

French windows are stylish and timeless. The classic look lends a personality to your home or other architectural projects. With suitable framing material such as aluminum, a French sliding window makes your home functional and attractive.

French windows feature full-length double sashes that are hinged to open inward or outward. They are different from other types of windows. The no-impost system and large window panes allow maximum inlet of light and fresh air. 

Here are five reasons why you should choose TOSTEM INDIA for selecting aluminum doors and windows:  


TOSTEM INDIA customizes the window frames in line with your requirements and budget. The company’s range of window frames is tailored to the specific needs of an architectural project. Moreover, all the parts are assembled and installed at the site to match global standards. As a result, all delays are avoided, along with an assurance of the highest quality.

Japanese Technology

The Japanese are known and revered for their incredible innovations. TOSTEM INDIA is a subsidiary of Lixil Group Corporation, renowned for its offerings in the house building arena. The auxiliary company has introduced architectural expertise from the land of the rising sun. French window prices have made the best of window solutions accessible to the New Indian market.

In-house Manufacturing

When you consider embellishing your home with TOSTEM French sliding window, you can be assured that you’re getting the highest quality material. All window frames and components are manufactured in-house to ensure top quality. Consequently, all the manufactured goods are a product of advanced technology. Moreover, all the products are tested and fully certified. 

Dynamic Manufacturing Unit(s)

TOSTEM INDIA’s manufacturing process ensures reliability, consistency, and unmatched customer support. Moreover, the delivery timeframes are shorter for retail orders without compromising on the standards.

The imported products arrive directly from Tostem Thai Co. Ltd. (TTC). The facility located in Thailand is one of the world’s largest and committed towards the aluminum window and doors manufacturing. Everything, including design, alloy casting, extrusion, surface treatment, coating, and fabrication, is done at the TTC unit. More importantly, pre-engineered windows are shipped to locations, making the installation a breeze.

Quality Assurance and Testing

The product must match the country’s safety standards in which it is used. The two most builder and engineer-trusted measures include American Standards for Testing and Materials (STM) and British Standards (BS).

The Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), used by major automobile companies, is relevant to India. Japan’s weather is somewhat relatable to India, which makes JIS testing processes suitable for India. TOSTEM delivers products that match JIS and ASTM standards. Every piece of French sliding window is tested as per these standards and then cross-checked through theoretical calculations. 

Finally, TOSTEM INDIA has its own patented coating technology – TEXGUARD coating. This form of coating makes the doors and windows resistant to dust accumulation. Moreover, it prevents the products from losing their color and luster for upto 40 years.

Get in touch with TOSTEM’s window consultants to learn more about aluminum windows and doors, including French windows. 

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