What are the main components of SEO and Social media marketing?


Over 200 standards influence how your website ranks in web search tool results. While working on various SEO perspectives is beneficial, certain placement elements are more crucial or necessary than others. With the following elements of SEO, you can easily improve your business ranking.  Let’s discuss a few major components in detail.

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Indexability and Crawlability

You will not appear in list items if Google cannot crawl and index your site, so make sure it is crawlable and indexable. Google is constantly crawling the web using bots to find new pages.

As a result, crawl ability refers to Google’s ability to locate your material. Crawlers at Google find information by following links.

In the aftermath of slithering material, Google’s crawlers transmit information back to Google so that it may analyze the page and add it to its list. Only pages that have been filed will appear in indexed listings.

If you do not know much about these elements and SEO techniques, you can hire an SEO agency in Dubai.

Original Content

According to Google, one of the most crucial components of SEO is providing original and high-quality content that provides people with the information they want.

Google prefers to include high-quality content at the top of its indexed list pages because it provides a better experience for its visitors.

Make certain that your pages provide accurate, supporting material on subjects and those clients get what they expect when they visit your website.

With the help of a social media marketing agency Dubai, you can create unique and trendy content for assistance in marketing.


It is a very common mistake for businesses to use keywords more than they needed. By stuffing their content, they fail to get Google ranking.

Despite the fact that online indexes are dynamically looking past keywords to determine what’s going on with a page, keyword utilization remains one of the most significant SEO variables.

Not all businesses understand this method, so this is the point where a business hires an SEO agency in Dubai. Include your goal keyword in the title tag, H1 heading, and meta description of your page.

Use it several times throughout your writing, and try to use it at least once in the first 100 words. These aren’t rigorous criteria, but they’re excellent starting points.

When it comes to SEO components, no one can ignore backlinks and their importance. Google takes into account both the quantity and the quality of your backlinks, so you should focus on many affiliations from high-ranking locations.

While you cannot directly control who connects to your site, you may increase your backlink profile by adopting a variety of tactics.

Create content that others will want to associate with on their own websites.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are also important elements in SEO that are frequently ignored by businesses. If you type any term into an online search tool, you’ll see how that term is handled in the page’s title.

Google considers your page’s title to be an indicator of prominence for that keyword. The equivalent is correct for the page’s representation.


If you believe that images do not have a role, reconsider. When many clients utilize online indexes to seek items, they look at the “Internet” results as well as the “images” results.

If you have fantastic shots of that item on your site and the file names include significant keywords, the images will rank well in web spiders.

This route will bring a lot of traffic to your site as potential clients click on that image to visit your business.


Never hire a Social Media Marketing Agency Dubai without exploring the market. You must find a suitable agency in your industry. This will increase your success chances.

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