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If you use your mobile phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot so frequently that you’re constantly worried about running out of juice, it’s time to change to a dedicated hotspot. The Verizon Inseego Jetpack MiFi 8800L is one of the older options, but it’s still the best and most reliable option when your phone plan’s mobile hotspot data cap runs out. Although it does not support 5G, it uses its largest LTE network (not to mention one of the fastest networks). It also has a long battery life, keeps the MiFi battery life, and can be used to charge your smartphone or tablet.   

Why Verizon? 

The Verizon Inseego Jetpack MiFi 8800L performs better and for longer periods. Its battery lasts all but the most extended workdays—in our tests, it lasted over 11.5 hours on average. It is one of the MiFi’s with the best battery life. And it has a USB-C port for charging your phone or tablet if needed. Because the hotspot charges via the same connector, you may recharge it with the AC adapter from a USB-C laptop or Android phone, saving space in your suitcase. Although this older hotspot does not support 5G, Verizon’s fastest 5G remains ephemeral. At the same time, the carrier’s LTE coverage continues to top surveys for nationwide service—particularly in areas where free public Wi-Fi is uncommon. For additional information on why Verizon’s network is so good, check Verizon’s wireless store close to you and ensure to know Verizon store hours.

If you’re affected by a Verizon outage that affects mobile service, you’ll receive network notifications. A mobile network outage is an unplanned interruption in service that affects many cell sites simultaneously. Mobile device customers in the outage region may experience a loss of voice, data, and message access due to this. Note that a mobile network outage differs from a lack of coverage or a weak signal.

Verizon’s logo has a significant effect on the brand. Its characteristic red checkmark has been moved to the right beside the “n” in the new design, which de-emphasizes it significantly. The red “z” in the name has also been removed, and the entire logo has been simplified and straightened. It is now cleaner, more human design, and the checkmark, the universal symbol.

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