Understand your Estimate for Commercial Painting

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Painting a business or commercial space is slightly different from painting an apartment, which makes evaluating a commercial image crucial. While paint inside or outside a home is meant to protect the home and make it look beautiful, a commercial painters Sydney will have much higher expectations. As a company, you need to attract and retain customers, make them comfortable with your company, and get their friends to chat. Color plays an important role in the appearance of your commercial building and is very important in how the public perceives it.

This is why commercial painters Sydney who are good and reliable are often in great demand and often book in advance. An appreciation of the commercial image is an important characteristic of a good commercial painters Sydney. Given the overhead and special circumstances that can arise when painting a commercial space, it is not surprising that commercial painting projects are often more expensive than their residential counterparts.

Often times, the owner of a business or property will be quick to suggest that the painter ask a high price. This can often be the case, especially if you’ve received several commercial image estimates and one of them looks very bad. But if this happens more often, then it may happen that the owner does not fully understand the scope of the project and the tasks of the painter.

Worse still, there are many mechanics posing as professional commercial painters Sydney. These are the painters who usually do the job we are supposed to fix. Fortunately, these painters and unprofessional business painters who don’t run reputable businesses are too easy to spot once you know what to look for. Rest assured that our commercial painting estimates are accurate and affordable.

Commercial painting estimate – quote based on square feet of area to be painted

There are no hard and fast rules here because every project is different. Your painter must carefully examine your design and the surfaces to be painted, carefully considering all design requirements, before submitting a commercial paint offer at the exact price per square meter. You have to consider every aspect of your work, from the removal of old paints / varnishes, if necessary, to proper disposal, surface preparation and the application of several layers of paint.

If you want to get a field number to appreciate a commercial painting, the cost of painting it (indoor or outdoor) is typically between $ 0.75 and $ 1.50 per square meter. These are not fixed numbers and your cost per square meter can be influenced by many factors found in your specific project.

Professional painters provide commercial color advice

Interior paint advice with a commercial paint quote The colors you choose for your store or commercial space play a huge role in how your customers will respond to your brand. Many painters provide color advice courtesy of their customers involved in a commercial painting offer. A color consultation with a professional painter who has painted hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial space can be very insightful and help you make the toughest color decisions.

A visit to a productive color consultancy in your sales area can take one or more, sometimes several hours. This is when your painter usually steps in before agreeing to hire him. The time a painter spends with you advising your painting project is likely the time they’ll bill you.

Professional painters use contracts for commercial projects

Commercial Image Assessment As a business owner, you likely expect the commercial image assessment to look and feel professional. If you receive a handwritten note napkin listing, it could mean looking around for a new painting company.

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