Transparent LED Screens are a unique way to display information in a creative way

transparent LED display

Transparent LED display are characterized by the ability to show the display itself on what is behind the screen and vice versa.

On some occasions we have already had the opportunity to highlight the number of LED displays that could become an integral ally for advanced digital signage strategies.

This is because it is a tool that guarantees a high quality rendering of the images and videos sent. In short, it gives more value to your content and has a very positive impact on your market experience.

They are also high quality light diffusers with a peak of 10,000 mesh.

They all have very low power consumption, making LED displays a “green” option over comparable performance equipment.

But in today’s article, I want to focus on the fact that transparent LED display can represent very creative and innovative solutions.

Functions and applications of transparent LED display

A distinctive feature of transparent LED displays is the lack of flat (usually black) stands where the LEDs and wiring are applied to traditional LED displays.

To overcome this lack, behind a transparent screen there is a vertical bar of fairly limited thickness with all the necessary cables concentrated.

Below are other important features of this type of screen.

Lighter than traditional LED screens, ideal for suspended installations.

The wardrobe is very easy to assemble.

The frame can be color-adjusted to ensure consistency with the environment.

Natural light filters from the outside to the inside.

Up to 80% transparency.

These properties make transparent LED displays ideal for this type of application.

Shops and shop counters. In fact, in these applications, the passage of natural light from outside can contribute to excellent interior lighting.

Performing arts in a television studio.

Theatrical drama. Its lightweight makes it ideal for movements with minimal risk and fatigue.

“Medium facade”, or rather the installation of LED screens placed to cover the facade of the building.

Transparent Wave & Co LED screen

Wave & Co can develop digital signage projects with the latest generation of transparent LED screens according to the DNA brand.

The brightness of the IH series screen is 5,550 mesh, which makes it perfectly visible even in very sunny conditions, such as street side shop windows.

The IH series consists of multiple models, from displays with a pixel pitch of 2.8 mm x 5.6 mm and 55% brightness to displays with a pixel pitch of 10.4 x 10.4 mm and 80% transparency.

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