TrackingFox GPS Tracker for Your Car

TrackingFox GPS Tracker for Your Car

The TrackingFox GPS tracker for your car is a great way to feel safe about where your vehicle is located at any given time. Sure, I wish I’d had this when my teenagers were at home! Parents have it so easy raising kids nowadays. (Just kidding!) — Don’t write in and bash me and tell me how hard it is to raise kids right now — I cannot even imagine the difficulties. I admire all of you — it’s scary right now — COVID must be a nightmare for all you parents out there.

I Sure Wish I’d Had a TrackingFox GPS When I Had Teenagers

Sincerely, I think a tracker would have put my mind at rest as a parent. Not to spy on kids — because I don’t believe in doing that — but if your child isn’t home on time — or somehow they get lost or in trouble — you can get to them to help if you have one of these trackers. You can also know exactly how the operator of the car is driving at any given point — like how fast can this car can travel? Well, if someone is trying to determine how fast your vehicle can go — you can have an alert sent to your phone.

I’d love to have this app paired between parent and child through Siri — so you could hop on your Siri and yell, “slow down,” but alas, this has not occurred yet.

You will be alerted to what the driving habits of the vehicle driver are.

TrackingFox GPS Tracker — such an easy install — you can do this yourself.

Great Gift for Your Parents or Friends

I put one of these TrackingFox GPS trackers on my car and gave my son the information in the event that I ever require help. I put the information on my phone, too. Easy-Peasy — installed it all myself in a matter of minutes.

Tracking Your Business Mileage

You can keep track of your mileage through the app. It’s convenient to keep track of business miles and know your mileage for the year on your business car or fleet vehicle.

TrackingFox for personal or business use

What We Liked

TrackingFox real-time tracking history

We all liked this tracking system (meaning everyone who used this device from our office). It’s convenient and easy to install. It’s nice because you can move this little device between vehicles. So, even if you use another kind of tracker too, this tiny device can be moved easily.

All of us liked that you can’t really see this little device — so it’s not noticeable, and it works like a charm.

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