Now is the time to say it; it’s pointless to avoid it: we’re all in the midst of a “lean” era for sedans in favor of SUVs, as well as a drop in the volume of the most traditional workhorses.

Fortunately, with the increased usage of hybrid technologies and engines that contain more electric elements, there is also a greater focus on the environment. The new Toyota Rav4 was unveiled at the New York Motor Show as proof of this shift in times.

The TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) system has been complemented with a fully redesigned design, which includes the perforated front, to make the entire car more controllable and pleasant. As a result, the Rav4 symbolizes a new starting point for the Japanese automaker, similar to Bill Gates’ “signed” Windows 10 operating system for computers, which will lead to the development of new and increasingly green vehicles with electric batteries.

The vice president of Toyota Motor North America, Jack Hollis, was on hand to confirm this new route. As a result, the Toyota Rav4 seems to us as a little wider than normal automobile, measuring around 190 centimeters in width, and fairly lengthy for a medium-large car.

Under the hood of this new SUV are two engines: a 2.5-liter gasoline engine and a 218-horsepower electric motor. It’s worth noting that the Horsepower increases to 222 in four-wheel drive vehicles with a second electric motor powering the rear wheels.

The Toyota Rav4 is ideal for city driving, whether it is calmer or somewhat more aggressive, and it offers plenty of space and high-quality standard features.

The Toyota Rav4’s advantages

We’re working with a machine that is extremely well soundproofed and reduces vibrations caused by the road surface as well as sounds from the outside.

It is quite large and has a decent appearance as well as an interior design, particularly the faux leather dashboard. It is also equipped with several basic technologies.

Among them are an automated emergency braking system with pedestrian identification, an active lane maintenance system, a traffic sign detector, wireless smartphone charging, and an audio system with 800 Watts of power. The elevated driving posture should not be overlooked for a new perspective on the road.

The Toyota Rav4 has a number of flaws.

Unfortunately, some of its quirks are, ironically, the source of flaws in an otherwise deficient SUV. Despite the numerous gadgets, a multimedia system that supports Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, which is widespread in other cars already described, is lacking, and even the elevated driving system has its limitations.

For the love of God, the armrest between the seats is pretty unpleasant for a nice drive, which is made even more difficult by the so-called “scooter effect,” which excessively revs the engine.

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