The poor game of politics is going on in the guise of Corona in West Bengal

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Corona in West Bengal: The Corona transition is the new political weapon of West Bengal, which is being used by the state’s ruling party Trinamool Congress and the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party in their own way. It is not only a weapon of war between the Central and State Governments, but it has also become or has been made a weapon for the personal fight of the Chief Minister and the Governor.

Center vs state

The central government is trying to create a narrative that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is completely unsuccessful in curbing the Corona infection and her failure will be borne by the people of the state.

The state government is trying to prove that in this hour of crisis, the Center is not helping it, it is not allowing it to work properly, it is unnecessarily interfering in its work.

The fight also includes Governor Jagdeep Dhankad, who has been carrying out regular attacks on the Chief Minister citing his duty and which the state government considers to be the central tool to grab power.

In his latest attack, the Governor said in a strong letter to the Chief Minister on Saturday that the condition of health care and public distribution system is ‘critical’. He said without any hesitation that ‘there should be no corruption in distribution of ration, politics should not be done and it should reach the needy poor, not the black marketers’.

But he did not stop here. The governor appealed to the chief minister to apologize for his statement in which he said that ‘political parties are like vultures who keep waiting for corpses’.

A day before this, on Friday, May 1, the Governor openly accused the Chief Minister of hiding information and statistics related to Corona and suppressing the case. He tweeted, ‘Now stop the operation of concealing Kovid-19 data, adopt Mamata Banerjee and transparency.’

Corona in West Bengal! Attack on BJP

The attack of the Governor and the BJP on the deaths from Corona is not just like this. The West Bengal government says that 105 people suffering from corona have died. But at the same time, she also says that there were other diseases among 72 people, so those deaths cannot be called deaths from corona. The state government says that only 33 people died of corona.

But people doubt this number, even doctors and other health workers do not accept this number.

The West Bengal government has set up a committee, which gives the death certificate of every corona death. The Bengali Physicians, an association of doctors and other health workers, wrote a strong letter to the Chief Minister questioning it.

The team sent by the central government also questioned this committee. He asked if there is any such committee even in cases of death due to other diseases. Similarly, this team has questioned whether this committee has got recognition from the Indian Council of Medical Research.

Apart from doctors, scientists, health workers, and others are also in this group.

This letter states that the corona examination of 33.7 people per million people has been done in the state, against the national average of 156.9 people. With the facilities available in West Bengal, a corona check of 1,000 people per million can be done.

Doctors have said, ‘How many people are really affected, it depends on how many people are tested, how accurate those tests are, and how many people who have not already had symptoms. Investigation is done. ‘

Dispute over red zone

West Bengal has 10 Red Zones, 5 Orange and 8 Green Zones based on the Central Government classification. But the Mamata government does not accept the basis of this classification. Of course, she denies these districts to be in the red zone and the orange zone only. There is a deep controversy on this.

West Bengal has assembly elections next year. Observers say that BJP and Trinamool are busy preparing for the future on the pretext of Corona. The aim of both is to attack the opponent with the help of Corona and to create a backdrop for the election. Instead of fighting Corona, the central and state governments are playing politics cheaply. This includes the Chief Minister, the Governor, the Prime Minister, the Trinamool and the BJP.

Who will prove to be right in this politics depends on the future. But it is clear that the fight between the two parties will intensify in the coming days on the pretext of the Governor.

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