The Metaverse’s top 10 influential people


Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will become Satya Nadella’s metaverse company, saying that a metaverse is one of Microsoft’s objectives; now you can’t read business news without hearing the news.

While the metavers are still defined and developed, many leading voices have become evangelising, educating, advocating, developing and creating the future of the today’s mobile internet. There are 10 of the most influential people who can help all of us gain a better view of the metavers.

1. Stephenson Neal

Neal Stephenson is a leading science fiction author worldwide. In his post-cyberpunk novel “Snow Crash” in 1992, Stephenson is known as the first writer to mention the term metaverse. The works of Stephenson explore math, cryptography, linguistics, philosophy, currency and history of science. He was employed by Jeff Bezos as consultant in Blue Origin, an enterprise. In addition, he was Chief Futurist at Magic Leap between 2014 and 2020.

2. Ball of Matthew

The renowned strategist, essayist, investment firm, advisor and futurist Matthew Ball. Ball is Managing Partner of the pre-seed and seed venture fund and corporate advisory arm of EpyllionCo. Ball launched The Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF in cooperation with Genvid Technologies Chief Executive Officer Jacob Navok and Roundhill Investments. The ETF enables people to invest now or in the future in companies that are metavers.

3. Hackl Cathy

Cathy Hackl has a world-renowned technology and business executive that has extensive experience working with HTC VIVE, Magic Leap, and Amazon Web Services on metaverse fields. It is the founder, where it provides advice on metaversion strategies, NFTs and ways to expand its brands into the virtual worlds for Fortune 1000 and top luxury fashion brands. She is a sought-after advisor, speaker, and media figure. Hackl was featured in the coverage for Forbes of the metavers recently in + 60 Minutes, Bloomberg and Cheddar. She writes an anticipated book on the metaverse’s business opportunities

4. David Baszucki.

David Baszucki has been working as the founder and CEO of Roblox for years to bring the gambling industry to the metaverse. In 2004 he established Roblox with the view to bringing the world together. The number of subscribed players and about 400 thousand players entering ROBLOX is currently estimated at 20,82 million per day. Roblox is now working on immersive experiences with known brands such as Gucci. The first episode “Step Into The Metaverse,” a discussion between Baszucki and Dan Sturman’s CTO, by Roblox was launched a new podcast called “Roblox Tech Talks

5 .Tim Huh?

Tim Sweeney is founding and managing director of Epic Games, one of Fortnite’s most popular games in the world. Sweeney is also the developer of the Unreal Engine gaming platform. He has received a number of honours awarded by the British magazine MCV in 2019 for his work in the gaming industry. In 2020, the Sweeney Media Awards also chose to build a gaming social network, including an online events concert with 28 million viewers at Travis Scotts, as “person of the year.” The “Rift Tour” game was hosted on August 6, 2021 by Fortnite and Ariana Grande.

6. Huang Jensen

The NVIDIA Corporation is chief executive officer of Jensen Huang. NVIDIA has been founded to solve 3D graphics problem for the PC. Then Nvidia jumped into the next epoch of computing (AI).

Huang contacted the Metaverse which is now available in beta version to create the NVIDIA Omniverse. NVIDIA Omniverse is an open, cloud-based platform that facilitates workflow acceleration and real time collaboration. Omniverse allows creators, engineers, and researchers to work together in connected virtual worlds.

7. Rosedale Philip

The lifelong businessman Philip Rosedale aims to create an internet virtual world that is open and connected. He has pioneered the creation of the virtual culture of Second Life. In 2013, High Fidelity, Inc. was co-founded with its Spatial Audio API which enables high quality immersive vocal chat for all groups of applications with a customised 3D audio stream.

8. Beeple

Mike Winkelmann, more well-known than Beeple, made his NFT collage in March 2021, which he sold for $69,400 in a Christie auction house every day, as the most expensive artwork of a living performer. Mike Winkelmann was the first 5000 Days. Beeple is described by Christie as “a visionary NFT digital artist.”

9. All Akkineni

The NFT world’s Gary Vaynerchuk and Avery Akkineni has been chosen to lead his team as Vayner NFT President. Akkineni believes that NFTs can build brand value at the same time as they deliver community value. VaynerNFT is a company established to support leading proprietors of intellectual property worldwide in the NFT area. Budweiser has signed a PR Strategy as the flagship customer of VaynerNFT to create exciting and ingenious experience connections with consumers.

10.McInerney’s Lindsey

Lindsey McInerney is Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Global Head of Technology and Innovation. She led Stella Artois and ZED RUN virtual horse racing platform to provide exclusive horse racing NFTs for users. With extensive experience in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, she has a deep knowledge of the global software industry. Her specialities include Metaverse, cryptography, blockchain, NFT, business strategy, and digital marketing.

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