The Kashmir of Odisha- Daringbadi

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Daringbadi in the eastern Indian state of Odisha is a beautiful hill station, which is known for its mesmerizing climate and hill attractions. Situated at an altitude of 3000 feet above sea level, this hill station represents a rich biodiversity with dense forests and fauna. Given the beauty of this hill station, it is called ‘Kashmir of Odisha’. The natural beauty here will remind you of Kashmir. Daringbadi is an ideal destination for summer vacation. Here you can plan a great trip with your family or friends.


Why come to Daringbadi

daringbadi kandhamal


The history of this place is associated with the Indian colonial period, during the British rule, the British officers named Daring used to be in charge of this area, this place was named Daringbadi after them. The weather here remains pleasant throughout the year, with the temperature sometimes reaching around 0 degrees in winter. Through this article, know how you can enjoy this place in terms of tourism. Learn about the selected spectacular destinations here.

Hill View Point

Daringbadi can be started from the hill viewpoint here. It is a beautiful bay point from where you can enjoy the amazing views of the surrounding areas including the city. This place is counted among the essential tourist destinations of the city, where tourists like to visit more. For a nature lover this place matters a lot. Apart from this, explorers of new destinations can also come to this hill station. This place is an ideal option for relaxing moments away from the urban run.

Apart from the Belghar Sanctuary Hill View Point

you can enjoy the thrilling excursion of the Belghar Sanctuary. This sanctuary is one of the famous attractions of the city, where tourists like to visit very much. You can also see endangered animals along with common wild creatures here. With its botanical reserves and various species of fauna, Belghar Sanctuary is a rich landmark in terms of biodiversity. Long-tailed elephants found here are quite popular. Apart from this, you can also see other creatures here.

daringbadi kandhamal

Other attractions

Among other tourist places of Daringbadi, you can plan a visit to Putudi Falls here. Most of the tourists visiting Daringbadi prefer to see this waterfall. This waterfall receives water from the local river here. Apart from this, you can see the tea plantations here. Green plantations attract tourists to a large extent. Apart from all these places, you can also visit the religious places here. Birnchi Narayan Temple is counted among the famous temples here, where devotees keep visiting daily.

How to enter

Daringbadi is a famous hill station under the Kandhamal district of Odisha state, where you can reach it easily by all three routes of transport. The nearest airport here is Bhubaneswar Airport. For the rail route you can resort to Berhampur railway station. If you wish, you can also enter here by road. Better roadways Kandhamal is well connected to major cities of the state.

Want To Stay

Panthanivas Taptapani Daringbadi

Odisha Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC) Hotels

Panthanivas Taptapani

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Daringbadi Nature Camps

Daringbadi Eco Tour Nature Camps

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