Tea seller’s daughter Anchal Gangwal flies high, became a Flying Officer

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Anchal Gangwal, 28, the daughter of a tea vendor in Nimch, Madhya Pradesh, has been appointed as a flying officer in the Indian Air Force. The father of the area is Suresh Gangwal. Suresh runs a small tea shop at the Nimch bus stand about 400 km from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

According to Suresh, Air Force personnel bravely helped the people of Kedarnath in Uttarakhand in a horrific accident in 2013. The area was closely monitored. And since then, he has been dreaming of becoming a flying officer. Now the dream of the region has come true.

Anchal Gangwal

The area’s father added that the area did not have books to read. He collected books from others and began preparations for the exams. After six tests, the area was successful. I have been running this tea shop for 25 years and raising my family.


Suresh studied till 10th class. “Sometimes I don’t have the money to pay the school and college fees in the area, I borrow money from other people and pay the district fees,” he said. “It is a matter of pride for us to be a regional flying officer in such a situation,” he said.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan tweeted congratulations to the region. Chauhan said the area of the daughter of Suresh, a tea vendor in Nimch, would now fly an Air Force fighter jet. Madhya Pradesh is now proud of the region. The region will now fly above the eternal sky to protect the glory and honor of the country. Shivraj Singh Chauhan congratulated the girl and congratulated her.


Anchal Gangwal, daughter of Suresh Gangwal, who runs a tea shop in Neemuch, will now fly a fighter plane in the Air Force. Daughter Anchal Gangwal, who made Madhya Pradesh proud, will now fly in the heights of the infinite sky to protect the pride and honor of the country. Congratulations, blessings and best wishes to the daughter, Chauhan tweeted on Monday.

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