Tattapani: A Gift From Satluj River near Shimla

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Tattapani is a gift from Satluj River near Shimla. In the month of August, the monsoon has immersed almost the total country. For months, the heat is also shaded with the grace of the clouds. In such a situation, the mountains are also free from the burden of the tourists who come on summer holidays.

In such a situation, why not go to some place where there is just greenery everywhere, be relaxed. Himachal hills are also in full swing during the rainy season. After a month of monsoon, Savannah fills everyone with greenery. The speckles of clouds on the mountains are worth seeing. Let us celebrate Barkha in these rains. Be a little wet.

Today I take you to some such selected litigants, which are just a short distance from Shimla but completely untouched by the crowd of Shimla. If you want to have a rhythm with nature then this view is made for you.

This place is located just 54 km from Shimla. The village, established on the banks of the Sutlej river, has become popular due to the hot water stream flowing here. It is said that when the sand of the river is dug a little, the source of hot water mixed with sulfur comes out very easily. In Ayurveda, it is described as a great Mehta mixed with sulfur and other salts.

Shimla to Tattapani’s Adventure Drive

The distance from Shimla to Tattapani is finished in 2-3 hours. Be that as it may, the enjoyment of the drive on these streets doesn’t let the sentiment of separation. There are such a significant number of lovely sights en route that you don’t feel the separation. The whole course from Shimla is towards the arrival.

So the view of the mountains is very attractive. There are many philosophical sites in these paths, which is a pleasure to see. Many biker groups from the country and the world come to drive to this ghat. Those visiting Kinnaur and Kaza also like this route.


Hot water spring

In many places across the country, we get to see nature or this charisma. Where 70 degree Celsius hot water is continuously flowing between the mountains or between the cold stream of the river. Such novel water springs are remembered for some restorative advantages.

In the realm of Ayurveda, it has been known as the shelter of nature. Individuals originate from great distances abroad to get sound advantages from these boiling water sources. Tattapani is also one such place, which twenty years ago, nobody but the local people knew it. In such a situation, Mr. Prem Kumar Raina, a resident of whose house used to be near the river, recognized this precious heritage one day.

Once the fence came in the river, Prem’s entire house was submerged in water. He was trying to save his belongings while floating in the water, when he saw his eyes on a stream rising ten feet above the surface of the water. Going near it was a stream of hot water.

At the same time, Prem Raina thought of saving this hot stream and decided to protect it. Today Prem runs a Naturopathy Wellness Center called Hot Water Spring where individuals from distant come to appreciate sound advantages. Individuals get alleviation from numerous infections through Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Inhabitants of the upper locales of the Himalayas come here consistently to get help from joint agony.

river rafting at Tattapani

Boating in Tattapani

A few years ago, a lake has been formed by making Koldem in Tattapani, which has a system of boating. Today, this lake is spread over a radius of about 10 kilometers. Tourists enjoy boating here.


River rafting at Tattapani

River rafting people come from far away in the Sutlej river. Here river rafting starts from Lotti to Chaba Salt place on a track of about 10 kilometers, which consists of 3 big rapids. Rafting in blue gleaming water is a different adventure.

Mandore Peak – Tracking

If you are fond of trekking then this place is like heaven for you. Trekking in the deodar forests is very different. The trek from Tattapani to Mandore Peak is about seven kilometers. Where many waterfalls are seen on the way.


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