Take Presumptions During Khula Procedure in Pakistan Legally

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Presumptions during khula procedure in Pakistan:

Presumptions in Pakistan have no legal status, and the law in Pakistan does not work on assumptions. The Khula Procedure in Pakistan & Khula Process in Pakistan is very simple and Easy for Citizen of Pakistan. Now Follow the Khula Pakistani Law & Khula Pakistan Family Law To Solve The Suit of Khula. Law in Pakistan always needs clear proof in all cases, even you are following the khula procedure in Pakistan, but there are some exceptions to this law. In family cases, in the khula procedure in Pakistan, and other family cases, the court bases its opinion on presumptions. During the procedure of khula in Pakistan, the first presumption, which is very common, is that once the notice is served by the wife to the husband so that he can appear in court immediately, a publication in the newspaper is served. Now we all know that no one among us read the minute advertisements in the newspaper.

Court Notice:

 We don’t read the court notices but the courts in Pakistan presumes that once a publication in a newspaper is done, it is sufficient to bring in the husband’s notice that the wife initiates a case of khula in Pakistan against him. This presumption is against the husband because most of the time, the wife gets a divorce. Still, the husband never knows that he has lost his wife, but this is one part of the side. The other face of the story is that if this presumption is not upheld, then only for khula cases in Pakistan. The females have to wait for years because every husband will come to the court saying he never received any notice or the divorce.


My wife, in Pakistan, was not in his knowledge, so, therefore, the courts, after doing publication in a newspaper, created a presumption that the procedure of khula in Pakistan by the wife is in the knowledge of the husband. The high court of Pakistan has mentioned that this presumption will be upheld in its judgment. These judgments have binding authority on the lower courts; therefore, the lower or family courts in Pakistan also supported the same presumption. This is just one of the presumptions, but this is not just the one.

Supreme Court of Pakistan:

 There are more presumptions that the family courts in Pakistan upheld due to the judgments of H.C and Supreme Court of Pakistan. In the case of khula in Pakistan and other family cases like a dower, dowry, etc., the courts in Pakistan upheld some presumptions. For example, in the case of dowry, the court presumes that no father in Pakistan does t wedding her daughter without the dowry as it is a custom in Pakistan that in most of the areas that the family of the bride gives some dowry articles to the bride so that she can live happily with her husband.

Bride & Groom:

More or less somewhat things are given to the bride and groom. Therefore, when the bride files a case of dowry article after the evidence concluded by the court, The court keeps a lenient view while giving the orders of dowry articles. These presumptions are mostly in favor of females, especially in khula cases in Pakistan, and during the procedure of khula in Pakistan, 100% benefit is given to the bride. Our Law Firm in Lahore Is Here Available For Lawsuit.

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