The online voting system works remotely and, therefore, meets the mobility needs of today’s society and the progress of digitalization, making the experience of online democracy possible. The POLYAS online voting system offers maximum transparency, control, safety and efficiency of the electoral processes.

Online voting offers voters the opportunity to express their preferences in a really comfortable and safe way and allows election organizers to plan the best and most efficient way to cast their vote.

Take advantage of the benefits of online electronic voting and simplify the organization of elections.

Really simple electoral organization

Planning a mail-order or polling election always requires a lot of organizational effort. In fact, the ideal place must be found, but also the electorate must be informed, the ballots prepared and the final count organized.

Thanks to online voting it is possible to organize elections in a simple and flexible way, conveniently sending the invitation to vote and any reminders via email. It will also be possible to monitor participation in the vote in real time and motivate the electorate with just a few clicks

From the creation of the ballot papers, to the personalized invitation to vote, up to the automatic counting of the electoral results: the organization of your election will be really simplified. Even the most complex voting procedures can be managed thanks to POLYAS ‘online voting system.

Find out now how easy it is to vote online!

Online voting: environmentally friendly electoral participation

Paper elections are not only expensive but also harmful to the environment. One of the advantages of online elections is the low consumption of resources: electronic voting produces 98% less CO2 emissions than postal voting. 

Choose a sustainable election method that saves not only paper but also printing and postage costs. Furthermore, online voting allows you to simplify very long operations such as manual counting of ballots.

Reduce errors to zero

By eliminating posting and manual counting, errors such as loss of voting documents or double counting are avoided. 
Thanks to the secure online system of POLYAS it will be possible to obtain the results of the elections in a very short time. These can be further verified thanks to other external verification systems.

Find out more about checking election results 

The POLYAS system prevents the same voter from voting twice in an election and from counting a vote twice. In addition, thanks to the system, you will receive the legally binding election results in one click.

Results legally recognized in compliance with electoral principles

The online voting system is structured in such a way as to eliminate potential tampering while respecting the protection and security of personal data.

All types of POLYAS online elections respect the electoral principles. The POLYAS CORE 2.5.0 system meets international requirements and European Common Criteria Standards being certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The POLYAS CORE 3.0 system respects the fundamental electoral principles thanks to mathematical and cryptographic systems.

This is how POLYAS ensures compliance with electoral principles.

Increase electoral participation thanks to online voting

Being able to cast your vote should be simple, effective and shouldn’t depend on where you are. Empower voters to vote securely online, thereby increasing voter turnout. Online voting allows voters to cast their vote at any time and from anywhere throughout the election period. 

One-click election marketing

Thanks to the voting system, it will allow voters to vote online easily and without barriers, as well as to activate their participation via a reminder email. It will also be able to create a website to provide all the most important information about the election.

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