Seven must-have New Year Delicacies


The festivity of new hopes and beginnings is approaching, and we are all excited about it. No doubt the celebration of New year is exciting, and people wait for it for an entire year. It is during the New year that people get together with their friends, relatives, and other dear ones. It is because of this festive get-together that people look for the season of New year to arrive. The new year is an integral part of the Indian tradition as it is a festival that is celebrated by people everywhere, irrespective of their religious beliefs. The essence of New year lies in the thought of spreading happiness everywhere. People purchase  New year gifts online for their dear ones in order to make them feel happy during the festive season. The new year is celebrated across various cultures and countries. Although the dates may vary but the intention of the new year remains the same. The excitement for a brand new beginning also remains the same amongst the people who look forward to the arrival of the new year in order to achieve many more things and their life. Another critical aspect of the festival is the tasty food that we eat during New year, the most important of them being desserts. After all, no festival can ever be celebrated without there being some tasty sweets and desserts on the table. Therefore, we have curated a list of some tasty desserts that you must include in your New year’s delicacies.

Apple pie

You can make your new year celebrations extra delightful by getting a lip-smacking Apple pie. This dessert has a crusty layer filled with caramelized apples and walnuts, and other dry fruits. You can get it for your friends and family members, thereby having a great time together. Make sure you serve the pie warm in order to relish its taste.


Get this extraordinary delight to bring true joy to your new year celebration. You may accompany it with other gifts and make it more delightful. You can also get a combo of brownies and flowers for exchanging New Year greetings with your friends and family, thereby voicing out your love to them.

Besan ke ladoo

This new year brightens up the hearts of your friends and family members by wishing them along with a pack of freshly made besan laddu and watching them give broad smiles in return for the gift. The sweetness of laddoos would help you touch the heart of your loved ones on the occasion of the new year.

Kaju katli

No matter how many sweets we talk about, Kaju Katli would always remain at the top of the list of your favorite desserts. It is due to the exquisite taste of this sweet that everyone adores it. You can get a box full of Kaju Katli and celebrate the new year along with this traditional mithai.

Gulab jamun

This new year, convey your heartfelt emotion to your friends and family by making a sweet Expression of your emotions to them. Add beauty to your new year celebration by getting some tasty Gulab Jamun for your sweetheart. You can also exchange new packs of gulab jamun as gifts for exchanging New Year greetings with your friends.

 New year cake

No matter how many desserts and delicacies you get for celebrating the new year. Your celebration would indeed remain incomplete without there being a luscious new year cake. You may place an order for pineapple, butterscotch, vanilla, Black Forest, red velvet, chocolate, or any flavor cake and relish its taste along with your dear ones.

Milk cake

The new year is the time to meet your friends and family members. At the same time, you are planning a visit to your friends and family. You must not forget to take a gift along with you. You must buy a tempting pack of milk cake for your dear ones to drool over the mouth-watering luscious delight that you chose for them.

You can get all of these New Year’s sweets for you and enjoy them along with your dear ones. Besides that, you can also host new year parties to spend quality time with the people you love. After all, the new year arrives only once a year.

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