Salman Khan helped 25,000 workers of the film industry, transfers 6000 rupees to everyone’s account.

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The lockdown due to COVID-19 brought a crisis of livelihood to many workers working on daily wages in the film industry. Salman Khan came forward to help 25,000 workers in this crisis and promised to bear the expenses of these 25,000 workers. Salman has helped all 25,000 workers by completing it. The Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) provided them with the account numbers of the workers, after which Salman Khan has given financial help by transferring money to everyone’s account.

6000 Helped: Ashok Dubey said in an interview with Spotboye, “I am the general secretary of FWICE for the last two years and Salman has helped about 1.5 crore during this time. Earlier we gave them a list of 19,000 workers, after which a list of remaining workers was also given and Salman paid Rs. 6000 in each account. (3,000 per month) transferred the relief amount.

Salman Khan helped 25,000 workers of the film industry, transfers 6000 rupees to everyone’s account.

Food delivered to the poor: Salman Khan has sent ration for the poor by filling trucks so that no one can sleep hungry. Salman did not announce any help but his friend Baba Siddiqui shared a picture of a Godown on Twitter giving information about this, in which trucks loaded with ration items were seen standing. Baba shared this picture and wrote, ‘You are always one step ahead in helping others and once again you have proved this to be true. Thank you Salman Khan for taking care of coronavirus in the war and not sleeping hungry. ‘


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Akshay Kumar

At the same time, politician Baba Siddiqui has also thanked Salman Khan via Twitter, who has helped the poor. It also shared pictures of some food packets. Earlier, Salman Khan has transferred money to the accounts of about 20 thousand workers. It is being told that Salman has given 3000 rupees to the account of every worker, in which Salman Khan has spent about 6 crores. Salman Khan can also give another such installment.

Please tell that Akshay Kumar also donated Rs 25 crore to PM Care Fund earlier and after that Akshay Kumar has also donated Rs 3 crore to BMC for the required kit. At the same time, most of the stars donated crores of rupees to the PM Care Fund.

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