Ravens, death and hardcore. Death’s Door Review

Death's Door

Death’s Door is an isometric slasher with elements from the Dark Souls series and metroidvania – a combination of features of the Metroid and F95Zone  games). But the game itself is trying to position itself as a follower of The Legend of Zelda series – a big world, many challenges, mysteries and bosses.

The reaper ravens, Death’s helpers, live in a world without hope, gray and dull. All they have are their direct responsibilities. Our main character is also a reaper, and he is given the task – to pick up a great soul in one of the other realities. But, having defeated the first boss, the main character is stunned and the mission object is taken from him. It turns out that an elderly crow did it. In the past, he was also a reaper, but he lost a great soul and is now trying to get to the dimension of Eternity, find what was lost and return home.

The story of Death’s Door is like a fairy tale, although sometimes it all comes down to philosophical reflections on death and life – and this is the main theme of Death’s Door. Do we have the right to oppose the natural course of life and try to find immortality, or will it bring chaos into the current order of things and destroy everything around?

The characters here are also unusual, interesting and fun to chat with. The bowler knight, the poet, the squid chef, the undertaker, and other crows all have their own story and characters. It brings the world of Death’s Door to life and adds atmosphere. The same can be said about local bosses – each has its own tragic history, does evil not for the sake of evil, but for some reason. An interesting detail here is that they do not attack the reaper crow first, but try to talk to him and send him home – so as not to interfere.

Traveling around the world is filled with challenges. Enemies roam everywhere, of which there are only 6-7 types, arenas and mini-bosses that are required for cleaning appear. The first couple of runs around the location are interesting to fight with everyone, but then you just run past so as not to waste time on useless clearing of the territory. Why useless? After death, the enemy gives a small amount of souls, local currency, and for the sake of these crumbs, you don’t even want to waste time. In Best grenade spots dust 2 ,Killing bosses, finding secrets, and simply exploring the world in search of soul clots lying here and there bring great benefits.

When the fight is unavoidable, the reaper raven can use several types of weapons, rolls and magic for ranged combat. Death’s Door can be completed without even changing the standard sword – this is the most balanced type of weapon. But with magical abilities, such a trick will not be possible – a large number of riddles are tied to their constant change, as well as to the player’s reaction speed.

There are four types of magic in total: bow, fireball, bomb and hook. They are not available immediately, but open gradually, as the story progresses. Each can be used in battles, hitting multiple enemies at once with fire or pulling up to them for a series of quick attacks. Constantly using magic will not work – the scale is divided into four points, where a bow and a fireball use only one unit of mana in one shot, but a bomb uses two at once. Replenishing it is quite simple – you need to strike in close combat.

But with treatment, everything is much more complicated. Finding special seeds, the raven can grow flowers in certain places in HuniePop 2. They also serve as the salvation of the reaper. But these vases with flowers are located so far from each other that sometimes the player can die, because he did not have time to get to her – and they kill in Death’s Door with four hits. In the future, the number of lives, like the divisions of magic, can be increased to six points by finding secret altars.


If you like the old The Legend of Zelda and the followers of the Souls series, then Death’s Door can give you interesting 10-15 hours of exploration, solving mysteries and battles. If complex games do not appeal to you, then Death’s Door will not become a guide to this genre. It is made according to all the canons of similar projects and differs little from them. Nevertheless, it is pleasant to play it, and a good story and characters will even serve as an incentive for passing. Nice soundtrack included like [pii_email_aef67573025b785e8ee2]!


  • History
  • Characters (edit)
  • Game process
  • Some bosses
  • Music


  • No card
  • Lack of intelligible clues to advance through the plot
  • Some bosses

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