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We are unique in this area because we set strict guidelines regarding Our Quran QURAN MEMORIZATION ONLINE instructors who have come up with creative methods to make the Hifz Quran fun and easy for their students. It’s a huge responsibility that we must carry on our shoulders the
responsibility of working on Quran memorizing online to create highly skilled Huffaz who have been trained under the guidance from our online tutors for hifz at the most efficient time available and are also competent in performing their religious roles in the world. Together, our staff and students who are hardworking will work hard to meet our objectives. Inshaa ALLAH

1-Highly trained Online Quran memorization instructors:

  • Our Quran memorization instructors are extremely dedicated and committed to helping thousands of Muslims all over the world.
    *They have learned the hifz Al-Quran in an early age. It inspires people to share their stories in order to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Our online tutors for hifz are trained and knowledgeable of the most effective methods to memorizing the Quran. They have used all of the methods and have signed their 100% consent to use the techniques.
  • They have completed their studies and received Ijazah certification from the top school in the globe Al Azhar University.
  • Our Native Arab tutors are fluent in English. Therefore, they are qualified to instruct students from all over the world.
  • They’ve gone through a series of difficult interviews and selection before they were appointed to be the Hifz instructor.
  • Our highly skilled instructors are experts in tajweed makharij Arabic and Quranic translation. They are qualified in a variety of genres to be in a prestigious position of teaching an an intensive hifz class *They have perfected the art of conceiving and introducing new methods of online learning because they are aware that old methods are constantly evolving every day.

2- Well-structured Quran memorization schedules:

With the capabilities of the students in mind, we place a high priority on the importance of individualized Quran memorization plans because it is crucial to allow students to reach the level they can. We’ve developed a variety of plans to meet the students’ ability to follow them. For example, Our plans to remember Surah Al-Baqarah of the Quran are based on your capacity to learn this surah in between 2 and five months.

The plans we have for you to learn the entirety of the Quran can be customized in accordance with the amount of memorization you do daily. It could take anywhere from 10 and 37 months. Our plan to remember three Juza from Quran could be achieved in between 3 and 10 months, based
on the amount of memorization you do and how often you review each day.

We’re aware of the traditional methods of memorization in which students are required to memorize the Surahs. We offer online Quran Hifz classes the teachers create a strategy in consultation with the student and then work on the plan.

Note: Our Quran memorization schedule is regularly checked every day by our supervisors, who keep track of every student’s improvement.

3 3 Memorize Quran online whenever you want:

Our platform isn’t limited to only the Gulf region We are open 24/7 for all Muslims around the world to help them to read the Quran from home conveniently. In keeping Your timezone and time zones in mind We provide our users with accessibility 24/7 to select an appropriate Quran memorizing schedule. We have enlisted a number of teachers available around all hours to help you in making your dream of a hifz become a reality.

4- An environment that is motivating to help make Quran memorizing online fun:

Our Hifz teachers are knowledgeable enough to create an inspiring and stimulating learning environment that will create an environment that make Quran learning on the internet fun and welcoming. Keep in mind that memory is a long-term process that requires constant determination and motivation an environment that is motivating proves to be beneficial to booster children who struggle to improve their hifz performance because of boredom. We have Quran memory teachers explain how important memorization is as well as rewards and share tales of young puff gathered from various sources to improve the morale of their students to improve their knowledge. Take a look at this: Hifz online adult classes
It can also help ease the pressure students experience while learning the required part, as we don’t force our students to learn, but rather allow them time to recover if they’re tired or aren’t ready to study.


If you’re unsure whether or not you should get enrolling at our school, we give you the opportunity to take advantage of an offer for two test sessions with two different instructors from our HIFZ.
You are able to attend the course with both teachers and choose by yourself which one do you feel at ease with and continue with. We’re sure that you’ll like to continue your Hifz class with us.

6- Online Quran memorization monthly competitions:

To increase the spirits of our students and encourage them to put in their best efforts towards becoming the Quran Hafiz we hold competitions between students from the Online Hifz Quran program. Quran memorization contest will be announced a few months prior with all the details of Surah/Juz names so that students can make the most of their time. When the results are released After the results are shared, those who scored in different positions are awarded cash rewards, discounts, as well as certificates to show they were the top on the test.
Others are also awarded certificates of participation to encourage them to keep going.

7- Quran memorizing tests and tests:

To keep an eye on our student’s development, we evaluate their progress through tests and quizzes. Quran tests for memorization online.
Students of Hifz are assessed using different types of tests to test their proficiency in Quran Hifz. They are offered ayahs at either the start, middle, or close to keep reciting. Quran tests for memorization online are intended to keep students sharp and attentive through practice to help them revise their lessons in a way that is accurate.

8-1 to 1 customized online Quran lessons in memorization

The Quran is not a text that can be memorized in a hurry. In keeping the abilities, speed and tendency factor of every person in mind We have created a custom Quran memorization strategy by Online Quran Center that is specific to every student, where they will be taught in a personalized manner.

In our one-to-one online Quran class for memorization, The hifz instructor is attentive to each student to get the best outcomes.
It allows students to communicate with the teacher with confidence and request assistance if the student is in need of assistance.
One-to-one lessons not only help students concentrate more, but will also help them stay away from distractions that can be experienced in groups of students.

9 9 Weekly Progress report on our Quran Online course to memorize the Quran

We are conscious about the importance of evaluation is crucial in the long-term path of Hifz Al- Quran… It is a Quran memorizing online course that is written in such a so that the learners will never forget the verses that they have learned in Sha Allah. Students are screened regularly and checked for mistakes. If the lesson that was taught previously has problems, the student isn’t given the new verses to learn. This is the reason why at our most excellent Quran school we create weekly reports on the progress of everyone in the school, including parents to ensure they’re aware of the child’s progress.

10 Quran memorization certificates and rewards

We recognize the effort of our students and reward them for their hard work by rewarding them. The toppers are awarded gifts too.
We also award cash prizes for the top students as it’s vital to ensure they stay on the right track. When the course is over, course, all regular students are awarded Quran memorizing certificates. The certificates can later be utilized by them should they decide to apply for tutors online for hifz.

13- Affordable fees for our Quran memorization classes:

We provide a unique platform to facilitate Quran memorizing online We are delighted to share that our Quran course is very pocket-friendly, not just for individuals but also for multiple students belonging within the same household. We offer discounts to third and second students of the same family that are taking part in our programs. We offer different packages for families based on the duration you will participate in the lessons.
Take a look at our website and view the low prices we offer.

14 -The stunning results result fromthe Online Quran memorization program:

The course was designed in order to bring about certain outcomes. The teachers of this course are putting all their effort and dedication to reach the objectives that were set at the beginning. These results include:

 Memorization capacity is increased through learning effective hifz strategies.
 Never forget the surahs you’ve learned by following specific hifz strategies.
 Attained the goal of memorization through online Hifz Programming.
 Implemented all the principles learned from the online Quran class for memorization.
 The beautiful voices can be improved through practice and imitating Qaris.
 Was able to comprehend the meaning of the surahs that I memorized.
 The ability to recite the Quran at any time he has been requested to do so.
 The change was in the personality of the person after the memorization.
 The ability to teach those around them how to remember quickly.
 Have learned the Tajweed rules completely during the online Quran Hifz classes to be able to
apply them while reciting.

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