Provide Your House Renovation With New Siding and Windows

Provide Your House Renovation With New Siding and Windows

This project was actually done in two parts. Because a section of their home was leaking, we had to begin with that part right away, despite the fact that it was winter time! The rest of the project was completed at the beginning of the summer, when the weather was much more favorable.

We stripped the home of all the original siding and windows and began replacing everything. We chose vinyl Energy Star rated windows. Not only do these windows look good, they are energy efficient too! This is a big deal, because windows tend to be a big area of energy loss. Energy efficient windows mean that the home will be more comfortable and the home owner will save money on their energy bills.

We decided to change to vinyl siding because it is much easier to maintain than wood. It is water resistant, never needs to be repainted, and is much easier to install than cedar clapboards. We used a vinyl “shake.” This type of siding is textured to look a lot like classic wooden siding, and it has no visible seams. This resulted in siding that is easy to maintain without sacrificing the classic look of the home. For the finishing touches, we replaced the old wooden door and the wood stained trim around the windows. The updated home looks great!

Home and Kitchen Updates For a Beautiful and Functional Space

For this Home Renovation in Gurgaon, the time had come to make some Home and kitchen updates. Their current kitchen was old, outdated, and no longer meeting their needs. They took the time to think about what they wanted from their new kitchen: something that was stylish, comfortable, and functional. Together, we came up with a design plan. Once we knew what needed to be done, we got to work.

We decided to keep the basic layout of the kitchen, but it was in dire need of some updates. Our first step was to gut the whole room.

We removed the cabinets, floorboards, and appliances. With a clean slate, we were able to build the kitchen the home owner wanted.

We replaced all of the wiring and removed the overhead lights to make room to install recessed lighting. These lights brighten the space without taking up much room, which makes the area look more spacious. We also moved some of the plumbing so that we could relocate the sink and install a dishwasher. These behind-the-scenes updates were essential, because they set the stage for a functional kitchen.

Next, we installed new cabinets and marble countertops, followed by new flooring and a tile backsplash. The new layout allowed for the installation of new appliances. The final touch was a fresh coat of paint and newly installed trim. Altogether, these updates made the kitchen look and feel more spacious and modern!

Is your kitchen stuck in the past? Schedule a free design consultation with Mason Sky today. We’ll help you assess your kitchen needs and do the work to bring you the kitchen you’re dreaming of.

Bedroom Renovation

Some great renovation ideas for the bedroom and kid’s room can include decorative headboards, generous square footage, reflective and smart-looking wardrobes, soft and pastel wall shades, thoughtful lighting and awe-inspiring wall-to-ceiling designs. You can go more creative and playful while renovating your kid’s bedroom.

Dining Room Renovation

A few tips to renovate and change the look of your dining room can include installing a stylish pendant light, an architectural wall niche, carefully selected furniture and decor accessories that add a bit of visual drama to the dining room landscape.
Eat your favourite meals in style in this classy and elegant dining room. The uniquely designed hanging lights and the pair of side lamps against the olive-green accent wall creates a contrasting effect and adds character to the entire room

Living Room Renovation

Living rooms are one of the most popular rooms of your house so keep the look minimalistic but savvy at the same time. You can do this by playing around with the right colours that reflect your personality and enhance your mood, be it wall paint or wallpaper. You can also add new furniture and lighting to brighten up the space and make it more lively. Finally, don’t forget about the smaller details in terms of curtains or other decors as they visually make a lot of difference. A nested coffee table is a must-have since it adds character to a living room.

Spend quality time with your friends and family and binge watch movies in this cool-looking living room. The floating TV showcase, the intricately designed side panels on each side and the false ceiling enhances the look of the space and make a bold statement

Kitchen Renovation

When you are planning your kitchen renovation, focus on what works for you and keep the layout simple and practical enough while styling it up a bit. All the working surfaces should be strong and durable. Install the right cabinetry/hardware, appliances, installation and countertops as they collectively constitute more than 50% of the entire kitchen cost. Kitchens are now also constructed on an open-plan format so you can make use of adorable kitchen islands for a great cooking and eating experience, and match with the decor of the merged room.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation is the biggest do-it-yourself renovation project that can bear significant expenses if it is done entirely or if another one is added to the house plan. It also takes the longest if the workforce does not coordinate properly. Consider getting large tiles so that you can see fewer grout lines and it is easier to clean. Install the correct choice of hung toilets, shower area, fixtures, countertops and cabinets since they also make up more than 50% of the entire bathroom cost.

Bathroom is a place that is always wet. With this amount of water at a place there will be very strong chances of Mold. So before doing any renovation work it is better to hire services of Mold Inspection in North York. It’ll be better and help you not to worry about anything.

Utility Room Renovation

The utility room is one of the least interesting rooms in the house since all the cleaning and washing chores happen there, which is not a very pleasing sight. You can renovate your utility room in a way such that all the workflow makes sense, the appliances fit, equipped with humidity venting facilities, an electric line for drying and water supplies for the washing machine and the laundry area.

Now that we have equipped you with a handy and practical guide, go ahead and start planning your home renovation project without any apprehensions. Relax and enjoy your revamped home. Good luck!

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