Products to Get from Olight

Products to Get from Olight 1

Remember when Coldplay told us, the light will guide you home? Well, we believed the song artist. Because the truth is, we are not cats and nothing is visible to us in darkness. When Edison invented the bulb, the world went gaga over his miraculous creation. However, little did people of the past times knew that evolutions and advancements will replace every beam of light. 

Luckily, some brands stuck to providing us with basic light gadgets while introducing upgraded products. Olight is one such brand. Earlier, the brand started as a battery provider for different electronics, with time they expanded their collections and introduced a massive range of lights and accessories.  

Baldr Mini Tactical Light & Green Laser by Olight gained immense popularity for their performance and durability. The Olight Baldr collection is also available in mini-size flashlights. Olight specializes in flashlights. No matter if you have to go under a sewer or on a deserted plain.  Flashlights by Olight have us covered for all purposes. Their website is brilliantly sectionalized and we get a discount on using the Olight USA coupons code.  

To help you learn more about the Olight product range, we have made a list of their best-sellers.  

Olight M2R Pro Warrior

Do you know what a tactical flashlight is? Primarily it is a self-defence tool. The light beam is sharp enough to cause disorient vision. A tactical flashlight is often designed in carriable sizes. Have you seen soldiers aiming at a target in darkness with a flashlight attached to their guns? That light is mostly a tactical flashlight.

Now that you know what a tactical flashlight is, you may want to get your hand on one right away. Gladly, Olight has an extensive range of tactical flashlights designed for multi-purposes. The M2R Pro Warrior is a powerful one that can be used as a security light, self-defence gadget, and for military purposes as well. 

The flashlight has an 1800 lumen output, but we don’t want to get you befuddled with technicalities. Let’s keep our focus on this light’s easy to grasp advantages and features. The M2R Pro Warrior is an upgraded, more robust version of M2R. You can easily mount it on any device with a magnetic clip. You can get the flashlight in ink blue and black colour from Olight’s website.

Olight Odin

Who doesn’t like carrying gadgets that are often used by our national heroes? Along with Olight’s Baldr Mini Tactical Light & Green Laser, the Odin flashlights are also very popular for military usage. Odin is specifically designed to get mounted on weapons. It has a built-in design for getting attached to a PICATINNY weapon. 

PICATINNY is a term used for the military railing system. The flashlight helps the shooter make a steady, visible aim even when it is pitch dark. A silent metal switch is attached to the dual mounting system. The front light delivers up to 2000 lumen output, which according to experts is under max deliverance.

You can use the light for hunting purposes as well. The Odin range is among the most popular ranges by Olight. Various flashlights are launched under this collection. Odin Desert Tan is another best-seller. It is famous for its unique colour and exquisite matte finish. The light has a better drop resistance with added water resistance. 


Have you seen your dad working on a home project with a light beaming from his headband? Well, that device is called a headlamp. The Olight Array range is full of headlamps’ variety. The Array 2S is a popular hit for home construction and other domestic purposes. The headlamp gained popularity during the Ontario flood of 2019.

Ever since then more functions were added to the Array Headlamps. The Array 2 range now has floodlight, spotlight, and a red spotlight accessible with dual buttons. The straps are purposely designed in neon colours that are visible during dark hours. 

The Olight Perun is a limited edition available in purple and purple gradient colours. These lights are stunning and work effectively. All Perun lights are powered by robust batteries that ensure long-serving hours. The remarkable feature is that these flashlights can be dismantled and attached to a headband. They are multi-functional, just like Baldr Mini Tactical Light & Green Laser.

We hope this article helps you learn more about the brilliant light creations by Olight. 

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