5 Ways To Print Instagram Photos From Your iPhone

Print Instagram Photos

Are you one of those people that like a physical printed picture more than a virtual one?

If yes then this article is for you because we are going to share the best and most effective ways to print Instagram photos easily from your Iphone without any blurriness or fuzziness.

Gallery walls look really beautiful for that purpose you need to have good quality outputs of your Instagram pictures.

So let’s have a look at our main topic that is:

How to Print Photos from Your I Phone:

These are some ways that will help you to print your Instagram photos easily from your iPhone.

Using Air Print and Printer:

First, you have to download the Instagram photo on your phone for downloading you can either use different apps or before posting the picture on Instagram turn on the “Save Original Post” option you will find it in the settings <accounts <original post.

This way your every picture automatically gets saved in your phone gallery.

After the picture is finally saved in your mobile folder follow these steps to print it.

Before printing makes sure your printer is capable of the Airprint feature if your print is not AirPrint capable then it will not print your picture.

  • Open the gallery folder on your iPhone.
  • Select the picture you want to print.
  • At ther bottom left side of the screen, you will see a share button, click on it.
  • It will show you alot of options scroll down and click on the Print option.
  • After selecting the print option you will see different printing devices that are nearby.
  • Select the device you own.
  • Adjust the number of picture outputs you want.
  • Press the print option and you are done.

What Is the Best Size to Print Instagram Photos?

It depends if your image is in the square then the print size of 5 x 5 will be the best but if it’s a landscape shot then 4 x 6 will be the best.

If you want a smaller size picture then polaroid size will be the best. Polaroid pictures can also be printed out by using the best polaroid printers for iPhone.

Using Apps:

If your iPhone doesn’t have an AirPrint feature or if your printer is not capable of AirPrint then you can also use different apps to print the picture.

These are the 5 best apps you can use for printing.

1. Print Studio:

The Print Studio is considered one of the best apps for printing your Instagram or any pictures from your iPhones.

You dont even need to download the picture if you are using the print studio app. Select the particular picture you want to print and then place your order.

Their prices are also very reasonable and it starts from $18 for 24 prints. They have alot of options available such as normal prints, photobooks, modern frames, greeting cards, and much more.

2. Artifact Uprising:

Artifact uprising is a great way to print and display your pictures. Their products are very high quality and design-oriented.

They have lots of different printing options which include photo frames, photo books, calendars, and much more.

3. FreePrints:

If you are looking for a free printing service then this one has to be on your list for sure.

It is the cheapest printing service ever but it’s limited as you can only print 85 4 x 6 prints in a month.

If you exceed this number then you have to pay for the extra ones. They only charge for shipping.

4. Canvas Pop:

Do you want something different from basic photo frames? If yes then this app will work for you as they produce picture outputs on canvases rather than frames or other stuff.

Their sizes start from 12 x 12 and can go up to 76 x 38. You can use Instagram photos, Facebook photos, and even photos from your computers.

It is a very creative way for home decor. These canvas prints are slightly more expensive than the normal photo prints as they start from 65$ and can go up to 225$.

5. Photobox:

This application is available for both Android and iOS.

Using the editor feature you can also customize your picture. Photobox also has alot of printing options which include mug printing, cushion printing, magnets, canvases, normal prints, calendars, and alot more.

Wrapping it All Up!!

These are the different ways that allow you to print your Instagram or any other pictures easily either from a printer or other apps. 

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