Prime Minister Narendra Modi: I apologize faced by the people due to strict decision

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has apologized for the difficulties coming from the lockdown. He said, ‘… First of all, I apologize to the countrymen. And my soul says that you will surely forgive. Because some decisions have to be taken, because of which you have faced many difficulties…. He said the lockdown was necessary. He was addressing Mann Ki Baat. This time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed this event only on the coronavirus, whereas usually many topics are covered in this program. At present, the coronavirus is spreading very fast and there is a panic situation across the country. This week the Prime Minister announced a lockdown for 21 days across the country to prevent it from spreading.

Corona virus-positive cases in India are coming up every day more now than in the previous days. The number of positive cases has increased to 979. Earlier on Saturday, the maximum number of 194 cases a day came and with it the number of positive cases had increased to 918. So far 25 people have died.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said at Mann Ki Baat

After the lockdown, thousands of people have been struggling to reach their homes for three or four consecutive days from Delhi NCR. On foot, people are leaving for their homes whether a vehicle is found or not. There is a similar atmosphere across the country after the lockdown. Poor laborers are finding it increasingly difficult to stay in the city due to the closure of work and such people are taking the risk to walk for thousands of kilometers. However, the governments have made their own claims to make arrangements for food and drink and the government has also announced a relief package. But it seems they are proving inadequate.

In the address of Mann Ki Baat in the midst of such an environment, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the coronavirus has locked down all over the world. Along with this, he urged Indians to show courage and take a pledge that they will not cross the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ for a few days.

Modi once again praised the health workers and said that we should take inspiration from the soldiers in the first line who are fighting the fight against the coronavirus, especially nurses, doctors, paramedics.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke at Mann Ki Baat to a coronavirus patient who has been completely recovered. He also spoke to a man from Agra whose entire family had been infected with the virus. Modi again emphasized that people should stay in their homes and this virus can be fought with it. He thanked everyone who supported him in this fight.


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