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ios and android difference

iOS Apple Inc. invented the iOS operating system for mobile devices. Many Apple mobile devices, such as the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, run on iOS. iOS is widely used and…

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Can we live without technology?

We have understood that technology occupies a primordial place in society. It is located everywhere, we have cell phones in order to communicate very quickly, or we use the internet,…

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Should Resellers Control Your Marketing accordingly?

Manufacturers, importers and wholesalers that do not or cannot justify creating their own distribution outlets traditionally rely upon resellers to interact with the end customers. Of course, the Internet does…

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Connected Tech Creates Safety Net growing food allergy rates

Over the last few years, the rates of food allergy have risen and today 15 million Americans are allergic to food. Between 1997 and 2011, this represents a 50 percent…

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Five beauty treatments you can do to help maintain your good health in 2021.

While it may seem like we’re near the summer months, we have quite a bit of comfort with COVID. Today is the first day of the new business quarter, and…

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