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Video games often have a bad reputation. But when chosen with the necessary caution, digital games also have positive sides. When playing, social skills are required, content is combined, dexterity is practiced and responsiveness is trained. Digital games are fun and complement everyday experiences.

Playing is fun 

Often what people like about a game is not the content but the game itself and the fun. Therefore, children, adolescents and adults play for fun and to disconnect from daily commitments, just as happens when other media are “consumed”. Unlike books and movies, gamers in video games can influence the course of history to some extent. Digital games therefore allow for greater interaction and creativity than, for example, books.  

Choose age-appropriate video games

As with traditional games such as chess, Monopoly, Mikado, etc., even with video games you acquire new skills or improve existing ones. Many video games are complex and involve players in different fields. This opens up various learning opportunities, which are also acquired through analogue games and in the offline world.

Younger gamers, in particular, can be overwhelmed by video games. It is therefore all the more important to observe the indications relating to age and to accompany children in the choice and use of video games. It is essential that parents inquire about the content of a game. It should not be underestimated that all age groups are exposed to risks such as addiction or hidden cost traps.

Video games are a way to connect with young people. Video games therefore offer the opportunity for dialogue: children and young people love to talk about their hobbies, including video games!

Discuss sensitive content with your children. Together you can critically analyze the problematic content or risks of video games. Evaluate whether a game is suitable for your children or not. Age indications are a good basis for discussion with children.

Find out about the video game. The description on the package provides some information about the content of the game. On YouTube, for example, you can search and learn more about a video game using the keyword “How to play (and game title)”.

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