Opioid Addiction: How it Starts & How to End It Without Harming Yourself

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The United States of America is reeling under an opioid epidemic. These mind-altering drugs have resulted in innumerable drug overdose deaths. The Coronavirus pandemic has made things worse. Increased anxiety and stress have led to addicts swirling deeper into their addiction. It has also made new addicts. People on opioids found a strong reason to continue with their addiction. 

However, all is not lost. As the Covid-19 pandemic gets controlled, it is time to control the opioid epidemic. Florida drug rehab specialists have rolled up their sleeves to treat patients with mild to severe addictions. Now with Covid restrictions lowered, people are slowly coming out and talking about their addictions. 

It’s no doubt that the pandemic gave a hard time to addicts. They had nobody to talk to. Locked up in their homes, loaded with anxiety and fear, and with no support, they did nothing but do more drugs. 

Now, the time is right to act upon your or your family member’s addiction. Seeking help can save your or your loved one’s life. This is because a person cannot go on taking opioids for life. At some point, you will experience the catastrophe of addiction. Opioid addiction is known to destroy people in all aspects of health – physical, mental, social, and professional. 

It all starts with a prescription

Doctors usually prescribe opioids to treat chronic pain. The common prescriptions include codeine, oxycodone (OxyContin), and hydrocodone (Vicodin). 

That doesn’t mean you blame the doctor for your addiction! 

Doctors prescribe opioids for only a short term and at a particular dose. 

Addiction happens when people do not heed their doctor’s instructions. They either take the drug at a dose higher than prescribed or continue to take it after the prescription is over. 

Taking opioids without a prescription or longer than prescribed is abuse. That’s why doctors also advise to never self-medicate on painkillers. Time and again, studies have shown that opioid medications can be dangerous when abused. 

One small step to fight this alarming opioid epidemic is to dial the hotline for addiction. Just do it. Do not worry how you or your loved one will go off the opioid. 

Common ways of opioid misuse

Most addicts start using opioids orally. Eventually, they resort to snorting or injecting by crushing the pills into powder or mixing them in solution. As per reports by National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), it is found that less than 4 percent of people who abuse prescription opioids end up using heroin. 

This generally happens because heroin is easier to get and cheaper to buy than prescription opioids. 

It’s time you do away with opioids

If you are suffering from addiction and don’t know how to come out of it, worry not. Simply search for “drug rehab near me” and take expert help. 

There is a reason why doctors prescribe opioids only to patients with severe pain or chronic pain and only for a short time. Opioids are classified as highly addictive drugs. All opioids come under the category of controlled substances. This means, if you are found to possess them without a prescription, you could be imprisoned or fined. 

It is tough to go off opioids, but it is possible. 

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