One million corona positive cases in Spain; Why uncontrollable in developed countries?

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Spain has become the third country where more than one lakh corona positive cases in Spain have occurred. In Spain, where there were only 185 positive cases on March 4, there have been more than one thousand and four thousand cases. The number of positive cases in America and Italy is more than one lakh.

There have been 2 lakh 15 thousand cases in the United States and one lakh 10 thousand cases in Italy. Matters have increased rapidly in these countries. Such is the situation in countries like Germany, France. These are the countries which are developed. So why did cases grow so rapidly in developed countries?

In contrast, the China in which the corona virus first emerged and then the South Korea in which it grew rapidly, but these two countries controlled it. In developed countries, where every day 20-25 thousand new positive cases are coming in each country, only few cases are coming in China and South Korea.

Death rates are higher in developed countries. In China and South Korea it is about one percent, while in countries like Italy it is around 8 percent. The story of the spread of this virus in developed countries is scary. Read how positive cases have increased in these countries

  • On March 4, there were only 185 cases in Spain. There were 80462 positive cases in China, 5634 in South Korea, 2912 in Italy and 2746 in Iran. Japan, France and Germany also had more cases than Spain.
  • As of March 10, when there were only one and a half thousand corona positive cases in Spain, the US was ranked 10th among the most positive cases in the world. Then there were about a thousand cases in America.
  • By the time the lockdown took place in India on 24 March, Spain was fourth in the world and there were around 33 thousand cases. More than that there were 47 thousand cases in America, 64 thousand in Italy and 81 thousand cases in China.
  • On March 27, there were more than one lakh cases in America and then it reached the first place. China and Italy were in second place. Spain was still in fourth place and there were around 62 thousand cases.
  • On March 30, Spain reached the third position and there were over 87 thousand cases. About 82 thousand cases were reported in China, about 1 lakh 61 thousand cases in America and about 1 lakh one thousand cases in Italy.
  • On March 31, there were over one lakh cases in Spain. More than 1,90,000 cases occurred in America. In Italy, about one thousand five thousand cases were reported. There were more than 82 thousand cases in China.
  • On April 1, there were 140,000 cases in Spain. There were 2,15,000 cases in America. There have been more than 100,000 cases in Italy. There are only about 10,000 cases in South Korea.
  • As of April 2, around 9 lakh 36 thousand cases have been reported worldwide and more than 47 thousand people have died. However, two April figures have not been added for many countries.

Why is it that despite relatively better hospitals and health facilities, developed countries are unable to control the corona, while countries like China and South Korea have overcome it? There was no lockdown in South Korea. Isn’t this the result of preparation? No developed country has shown the kind of preparation that China and South Korea have shown to deal with Corona. They continued to take a poor view of this.

For example, the attitude of US President Donald Trump can be seen in this case when he was saying that more people will die than the economy collapses than those who die from Corona. He even went so far as to say that corona is just like a common flu ie cold and cold which will disappear ‘miraculously’. Is it not the result of a similar attitude of developed countries that it became uncontrollable?

These figures show that it can be dealt with well with better preparedness like South Korea and China. India needs to learn from this. There have been more than 2 thousand cases in India and 50 people have died. Now cases are also increasing rapidly in India. India currently ranks 35th in terms of most positive cases. Although it is too late for India, but efforts should still be made to recover.


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