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A New Balance Cricket Bat is a versatile and affordable bat for any cricketer. These bats are available in sizes ranging from size 1 to full size. The image below shows the dimensions of a New balanced bat. The measurements of the blade and handle are shown in inches. Using a size chart is helpful when determining the correct size. The dimensions are approximate and may vary depending on the manufacturer. The following is a guide to help you choose the right one.

The TC Collection is designed for modern stroke players and is used by Meg Lanning and Joe Root. It has a flat face and a balanced middle. This helps you pierce gaps easily and play off the front or back foot with ease. The TC 660 is a model specifically designed for improvisational shots. The TC 660 has a big edge to give you a high spin rate and a powerful swing.

Natural English Willow

The TC 660 cricket bat is made of natural English willow, with a 37-40mm edge. The flat face and edges of this bat allow for the production of explosive power on shots. The TC 660 cricket bats are made to last for several years with the proper care. They are suitable for all levels of players and offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. The range of TC 660 models is perfect for improvisational shots.

Steve Smith rose to the top of ICC rankings in his return to international cricket. He was named Player of the Series in the 2019 Ashes and has gone on to become one of the brightest stars of the game. With the help of his New Balance TC cricket bat, the current captain of England is also expected to continue his success in the world of cricket. Considering the price tag of a cricket bat, it is easy to see why this brand has gained so much popularity.


A cricket bat can make or break a match. The New Balance Cricket Bat is designed to help you score. Whether you’re playing for fun or for money, it’s important to find a cricket bat that suits your needs and matches your budget. A padded bat can help you prevent a lot of injuries. In addition, a curved cricket bat can improve your chances of scoring a run in the long game.

While you can use a cricket bat with a New Balance cricket bat, it is still recommended to hire a professional to help you get the best fit. An experienced player can determine the best fit for a bat with a small custom-made model. Ensure your bat is properly fitted before your game. A new balance bat is not worth the same as a cheap one, but it is a good option for every cricket player.

Cricket Player

As a cricket player, you can use a New Balance Cricket Bat to make a statement about the sport and its impact on the planet. Not only is this cricket bat made of high-quality English willow, but it also has a lightweight foot that helps players in the game. Its durability and lightweight make it the ideal choice for players who need a little extra support. It is ideal for a person who wants to play the game with a bat in his hands.

Stylish and Modern

The New Balance Cricket Bat is a stylish and modern cricket bat. It is also made with the modern-day cricket player in mind, which makes it a perfect choice for any game. Featuring a red toe guard and a black and red colorway, the New Balance cricket bat is a great choice for the modern-day cricketer. These stylish, innovative cricket bats are suitable for all kinds of playing styles, from beginners to professionals.

The New Balance cricket bat is an innovative sports brand. It comes in a red and black colorway. Its design is a popular choice among young cricketers, but older players can also opt for the classic version. The bat is made of Grade One English Willow, which provides the ultimate durability and strength. It also features a large sweet spot and a red toe guard. Its size makes it suitable for the needs of players of all levels.

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