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Considering pre roll packaging to contain the pre rolls? If so, that’s great because this custom packaging does not disappoint when it comes to creating brand awareness and establishing a client base. But, if purchased incorrectly, it can hurt the bottom line of your business that may subject you to several losses. The principal goal of any business is to save maximum on packaging costs so as to maintain a good profit margin. When you fail in this aspect, it becomes hard to get a greater piece of share in today’s saturated market. To prevent you from making blunders in the packaging acquirement process, we have curated a list of common mistakes and their solutions.

Preferring retail over wholesale order:

A usual mistake that most of the retail brands are falling prey to time and again is the retail purchase of packaging. The price of a single box in a retail order is way more than that of wholesale order. Stop yourself from making this blunder and estimate your pre roll boxes supply usage over the next several months. This estimation would give you a fair idea about how many packaging boxes you need for packing your pre rolls. Although you need a good sum of money upfront to qualify for the wholesale order, it is worth the benefits in the long run. When you place a wholesale order, the packaging suppliers offer volume discounts that decrease the single box price. Saving your expenses here can assist you in maintaining healthy bottom lines.

Ignoring important sales’ events:

Not keeping an eye over the important events and dates around the year while procuring boxes is another mistake. Picture yourself in need of a specific number of packages after estimating your packaging need for the next month. Would you buy it right away or wait for a specific event in the present month to arrive for placing the order? The wait is definitely worth it because it can help you get to qualify for the special volume discounts. Mark your calendars down for the important events and Holidays calendars to get the custom pre rolls packaging. The special occasions of Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween, and so on can bring you the new exclusive discounts. A month’s end purchase is also a good stratagem considering the packaging prices are quite low at this time.

Disregarding quality controls:

Always going for the low prices and ignoring the quality in the process is rendered as the most cardinal sin. Committing such a blunder is enough to wipe yourself off the competition in the saturated market. Get a fair idea about the quality controls different packaging suppliers have implemented in their box manufacturing process. Often, the quality of the packages within a single order is not the same. Partner yourself with the suppliers that offer you free samples at the very start to assess the quality. Paying a little more price to get quality packaging products is a wiser option than getting boxes with compromised quality. See if the materials, inks, and other such elements used in the box design have up to the mark quality or not. As your customers do not settle for less than a memorable experience, do not ever think to get compromised packaging supplies.

No check at the reviews:

Not all packaging companies can match with one another in terms of delivering quality products and services. There is a dire need to adjudge their commitment to providing one-of-a-kind customizations, personalization, and other services. You are probably not doing your part in having a background check at their previous experiences with other customers. If so, you are making a big mistake, just like many other retail brands dealing in pre rolls. The best strategy here is to visit the website of various box companies and check out for recent reviews. There is a high chance that these reviews are bogus, so it is wise to get some verbal reviews. Get in contact with the customers who recently purchased from a supplier and ask them about their overall experience. Gathering such knowledge would enable you to make some smart decisions that are in your best interests.

No comparison of final quotes:

The price quotes for custom pre rolls packaging differ within the industry. Some of them may be competitive, while others might be unfair. Visit multiple packaging companies’ websites to see if the final quotes are fair enough or not. Do not choose a random company just on someone’s suggestion; otherwise, you will be making a big mistake. Always do your research because evaluation criteria differ from everyone’s perspective. There are some companies that proffer customization as an add-on with the packages. Ask for final quotes from various companies in the town prior to making any final decision.

Overlooking lead time:

Getting impressed by the fair prices and ultimate customization options may lead to ignorance of lead times. What is the benefit of high-end box designs when you cannot meet the consumers’ demands in time? Refrain from this most common mistake and always take into account the lead time before placing an order. Not just the time, but you also need to take into account the factor of safe shipping. For that, see if the packaging companies are partnering with reliable shipping enterprises to ensure smooth and error-free shipping.

Mistaken purchasing decisions for cardboard packaging is never an option because they are detrimental to your efforts towards a healthy bottom line. What you must do is to go through the regular blunders made by the businesses and see if you are duplicating the same or not. Finding perfect solutions to get rid of these blunders is necessary to save your time, energy, and money.

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