Me and My Photographic Skills

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As photographers, we can be inspired by many things before clicking the shutter on a scene or subject to capture a moment in time. It could be the light falling on a scene or the look in someone’s eyes. It might be the time of day or the time of year. Maybe it’s a combination of a lens choice and a situation. Or maybe it’s something that someone is wearing or what’s missing. Photography is a science as much as an art form. I am a great photographer for my age. It’s about artistic expression, in which the camera replaces the pen and paint, or tells a tale without words. Photographers must be multi-talented i.e visualization, arm-hand steadiness, idea creation, and creativity are among the most crucial.

My Photographic Abilities

I shoot because I see something. I shoot because I don’t know who will if I don’t. Activism is seen as a derogatory term. I shoot because I find peace in being particularly active and a zealous advocate for a cause. I hope that every photograph I take reexamines and redefines the image of the black man, woman, and kid. My photography serves as a spark or cause to motivate human action first and foremost. Every photograph I take poses the question, “Who am I, and what is my purpose on this planet?” It’s how I view things. It’s my way of expressing there’s another way to look at me.

Photography will assist you in documenting events and recollections

Photography permits  you to capture photographs of significant occasions, moments, and locations. It allows you to capture the details of an event while also allowing you to share those details with friends and family long after the event has passed.

Photography will help you enhance your health and fitness

Photography will not only keep your intellect in shape, but it will also keep your body in form. Getting out of the home, walking, and even trekking are frequent side effects of a photographic hobby.

You may create a distinct personal style

Whatever your interest is, you may explore it creatively via photography. When starting off, it’s helpful to grasp the fundamentals of composition and lighting, but don’t let them limit you. Test them, break them, and watch what happens. It may or may not work, but either way, it will be a learning experience. You will eventually begin to approach the world in your own unique manner. That is when you will have established your own style (which is a fantastic feeling, by the way!). There are several sorts and styles of photography, and you may tailor your work to your own wants and needs. There is room for all approaches, from the traditional landscape, nature, animal, street, portrait, and sports styles to all the variants in between. So don’t let photography limit you; instead, let it form you!

Reasons why photography is a great hobby

Photography brings so much value to our lives by documenting significant moments, people, and locations, as well as assisting us in learning and growing as individuals.

It allows you to meaningfully share your life and experiences with others, as well as participate and have fun with them.

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