Lower Back Strain Symptoms And Treatment Options

Lumbar muscle strain

You should know that low back pain has become a fact of life. The main cause of this pain is low back strain. Lumbar (lower back) muscle strains may occur when you stretch muscles and ligaments in your back too far. This may lead to tiny tears in the tissue. These circumstances then become the cause of lower back pain. Let’s discuss its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain

There are different causes of this disorder. You should know that this condition may be highly painful if untreated. There is a series of ligaments and muscles in your back. These muscles and ligaments hold the bones of the spinal column in place. When you stretch these muscles too far, it may cause tiny tears. This condition becomes painful.

The main cause is that the muscles aren’t strong enough to hold the bones of the spinal column in place. A less stable spine leads to painful conditions. This condition may also cause pains in other areas of the body as well.

Some of the major causes of low back pain include extreme physical exertion, bending or crouching repeatedly, falling from the height, lifting heavy objects, and others. Other causes may include improper posture, emotional stress, being out of shape, being overweight, or sitting in the same situation for a long time. You should know that muscle strain isn’t the only cause of low back pain.

Other causes such as slipped discs, pinched nerves, fractures, infections, arthritis, and tumors. Sports injuries can also become the cause of this pain. Hence, we can understand that the main injuries affect lumber muscles and lead to strains.


Do you know how it feels after facing injuries to lumber muscles? Let’s discuss some of the symptoms of this condition. The affected individual may face stiffness and pain in the back. A person may also feel pain in the buttocks and legs. It may also be felt in the back of the thigh. This is a specific pain that worsens on bending, stretching, sneezing, or coughing.

When you are facing any of these symptoms, you must immediately see your doctor. You should keep in mind that these symptoms may also be due to serious conditions such as arthritis or disc slip. You should get checked by the doctor to identify the causes of this pain. 


When you are facing these conditions, you must reach your doctor as early as possible. You should know that any serious condition could be treated well in its early stages. When you reach your doctor, he may give you a complete exam. He may use his professional skills for understanding your condition.

You may be asked for X-rays, CT scans, or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Doctors may recommend these tests only when your condition isn’t stabilizing with conservative treatments. These tests will help to identify the cause of your back pain. After knowing the causes, doctors may help you get the right treatment to get well soon.

Treatment Options 

We know that low back pain is a depressing and painful condition. You should know that most cases can heal on their own. Following are some curing options that you can use for getting relief from lower back strain symptoms. 

Ice Your Back

When you are going through this condition, you must ice your back. It will help to minimize pain and swelling. You must repeat this practice for 20-30 minutes after each 3-4 hours. 

Apply Heat

You may also apply heat to the injured part but do this after icing it first for 2-3 days. You must apply heat when the initial swelling has gone away. You can use hot water bottles or an electric heating pad. You may also soak in a hot bath.

Use Painkillers 

You may also utilize painkillers or other drugs if your doctor recommends. You may take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Avil, Aleve, or Motrin. They can help with swelling and lower back pain. There are certain side effects of these drugs. You should use them occasionally only after a recommendation from your doctor. You may also rely on painkillers and muscle relaxants. 

Get Support 

You may get a belt or girdle to add support to your back. You should use it for the short term. You shouldn’t completely rely on this.

Take Help From Physical Therapy 

You should contact an expert physical therapist if your doctor recommends it. You should avoid staying in the bed or couch all day. Staying in the bed or couch all day may worsen this condition.

You can understand that the main cause of Lumbar (lower back) muscle strains may be some injury while lifting heavyweight objects or playing. You should know that this condition may worsen if untreated. You should consult your physician for a proper medical check-up. You can use the treatment options mentioned in this article. Taking bed rest can also treat the condition better.

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