Investment and Residential Purpose Strategy

Today if we talk about beneficial investment then one field that comes in our mind is Real Estate. Real Estate in Pakistan is one of the most beneficial in investment and luxury residential points of view. Real Estate provides high profit to investors and people without any risk. All over the society, Lahore Park View City is the most charming and beautiful housing society. Park View City is located in Lahore. Multan Road Lahore provides the main access to Park View City’s main entrance. The main entrance of Park View City Lahore is built in a unique way that increases the beauty of the place. Project of park view city start in 2005 which until continue but 80% was completed and just in upcoming two years all development will complete. Today greater than 5000 families are living in Park View City Lahore. According to a survey in park view city Lahore, all residents of park view city said that this society provides them with all facilities. There is no need to go outside for shopping and other needs. Park view city meets up all needs of the residents and facilitates all clients from outside for buying residential plots or investment points of view. Park view city gives more profit on investment to investors. People who have no capacity to invest a large amount at one time, park view city Lahore came installment plans of residential and commercial on the duration of two years with easy installments which help the middle-class people who have not enough money in their life. Golf Estate and overseas block are included in this payment plan. In golf estate and overseas block payment plan in a way of 25% down payment, 8 quarterly installments or 24 monthly installments on two years.

Figure 1. Park View City Lahore First Round About
Figure 1. Park View City Lahore First Round About
Figure 1.1. Park View City Lahore Main Entrance

Park View City Lahore is offering luxury 10 Marla House for Sale in Park View Lahore at a prime location at an affordable price. Park view city has all silent features like charming mosques, shopping malls, banks, restaurants, hotels, 24/7 security. Each block of park view city is unique due to its location. Each block has wide roads. 10 Marla House in park view city Lahore has front and side wide green belt. The motorway is 5 km away from your home. The education system in park view city has its own example. High-qualified teachers teach the students. All teachers are Ph.D. holders.

Ayyan Associates & Builders is a marketing company that works in Park View City Lahore. Ayyan Associates & Builders is an authorized sales partner of park view city Lahore since 2013. This marketing company is dealing with new branded 5 Marla House for Sale in Park View Lahore. 5 Marla house in park view city meet up the residential needs of short family in terms of living purposes. If you have a short family on five family purposes then park view city Lahore is best in overall Lahore. So, if you want to live in a secured housing society then park view city Lahore is best for you. Ayyan Associates suggests to our viewers and clients that do prior your research before investing your hard-earned money. Park View City has beautiful zoos and parks which increase the enjoyment of people and children.


The distinct characteristics of the real estate industry have distinct repercussions. There are numerous consequences of the real estate industry for a variety of socioeconomic indices, some of which are listed below.

The following are some of them:


Real estate is a capital-intensive industry with a high-profit margin, which means that it earns a lot of money. Those who already have a lot of money grow at a faster rate. This results in increased wealth disparity and a widening gap between rich and poor people are pushing society to the brink away from the millennium development objectives. The most prominent illustration of the inequity generated by commerce. There would be no less than 25% of the urban area surrounding Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


Pakistan’s industrial sector is already facing significant challenges due to a lack of vital inputs such as electricity and gas. Furthermore, the appeal of industrial investment is diminished by the great profitability and low risk of real estate investment. As a result, the capital flows into industrial investment plummets. Lower productivity and unemployment result from this decrease in industry investment. The energy crisis may have been avoided if the remittances currently invested in real estate had been invested in solar or hydropower for finance.


The ultimate purpose of the land industry is to make homes and residential facilities more accessible to the population. But does the real estate industry actually make it easier to find a place to live? The answer is not as straightforward as the question suggests.

The real estate industry is supported by people who wish to benefit from the sales of their property. Among all property buyers, the percentage of persons purchasing land for their own home or business is minimal. Because of these investors, the demand for real estate rises, resulting in high prices and excluding real estate from the reach of the middle class.


As agricultural land is converted to residential land, fast-growing real estate swiftly depletes agricultural land. Because of the many residential plans in the vicinity of Rawalpindi Islamabad, finding a piece of agricultural land is becoming increasingly difficult.

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