Instructions For Cleaning And Disinfecting Mobile For Notebook Computers

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Millions of employees worldwide use Urovo laptops, scanners, printers, and accessories in a myriad of environments and workflows in warehouse/distribution centers, retail, shipping and logistics, direct delivery, healthcare, and more. Many of these Mobiles are shared by workers from shift to shift. Companies are strongly encouraged to put in place protocols and procedures for routine cleaning and disinfection of equipment to ensure the health and safety of workers.

Urovo has developed the following series:

Instructions for cleaning and disinfecting Urovo Mobiles for laptops

Instructions for cleaning and disinfecting Urovo Mobiles for scanners

Instructions for cleaning and disinfecting Urovo Mobiles for desktop printers

Instructions for cleaning and disinfecting Urovo Mobiles for mobile printers

Instructions for cleaning and disinfecting Urovo Mobiles for industrial printers

This guide answers questions about how to safely clean Urovo laptops.

Mobile computers (no health classes)

The following instructions are approved for cleaning the hard, non-porous surfaces of Urovo non-medical industrial mobile computer.

How should I clean my Urovo Mobile Computer (unhealthy models)?

Always follow your organization’s hygiene or infection control protocols and the instructions for use from the disinfectant manufacturer. You can gently wipe the hard, non-porous surfaces of the product with an approved, pre-moistened disinfectant wipe or cleaning solution on a clean or sterile cloth. Follow these instructions:

Shut down your computer.

Make sure the battery is inserted correctly to prevent liquid from entering the device.

Use a pre-moistened disinfectant wipe or, if using a liquid solution, apply an approved cleaning solution to a sterile cloth. Squeeze out any excess liquid.

Clean all surfaces of the Urovo computer by wiping it with a damp cloth according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Wipe the scanner glass, camera lens, and flash area.

Do not allow these surfaces to come into contact with abrasives.

Be careful not to allow excess liquid to accumulate on the mobile.

Have a dry, sterile cloth ready to dry the device after cleaning.

Use a cotton swab to clean the spaces between the buttons and other recessed areas on the computer.

To ensure perfect contact between charger and battery, the contacts of the charging station should be cleaned monthly with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

Let the computer dry completely before turning it on and / or placing it on the charger.

Warnings / Precautions. Urovo offers the following warnings and precautions for cleaning Urovo non-medical Mobiles.

Does not use bleach?

Do not use these cleaning solutions on fabric or leather surfaces.

Always leave the battery installed while cleaning the computer.

To prevent moisture from entering openings such as connectors, do not spill cleaning solution on the product. The touch screen, scanner and camera windows, buttons and connection area require special care to prevent liquids from entering the device.

Do not immerse your computer or mobile in liquids.

Follow the cleaning solution manufacturer’s instructions, including all warnings and precautions.

Bleach attacks joints and epoxy and can only be used in the Urovo Healthcare line of products.

How to remove smudges from the touch screen and camera / scanner window surface of the device. After using a pre-moistened disinfectant wipe or cleaning solution on a Urovo notebook, it is recommended that the screen and lens be cleaned with a glass cleaner to remove any remaining streaks.

Lightly moisten a sterile, lint-free cloth with an approved glass cleaner.

Briefly wipe the screen and lens of the device, then quickly dry them to remove any smudges or smudges.

What cleaning solutions are approved for use with Urovo non-medical Mobiles?

Urovo Engineering has conducted tests to show that various disinfectants, when used correctly, should not harm your industrial mobile computer. We encourage customers to refer to the disinfectant solution manufacturer’s label for detailed information on effectiveness against certain infectious pathogens.

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