Importance of Packaging in Marketing a Product

Importance of Packaging in Marketing a Product

When we think of marketing, we think about a group of people debating about something in a meeting room on the whiteboard or the lavish side of marketing where we see big banners with celebrities on in.

We might not be wrong about it. But it is not just these big lavish things that affect the sale of a product but the product itself is also responsible for its marketing.

Marketing is not just about selling at this point. It has become so much more than what we thought of it years ago. Marketing has evolved from simple selling to a much more complex system.

Many things are now included in the marketing such as product packaging. In the early days of marketing, product packaging was not seen as important.

In this blog, we will talk about how is packaging important for marketing a product. We will start our discussion by explaining what exactly marketing is. Then we will continue by talking about the role of packaging as well as its benefits in marketing.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the activities that a company practices to promote a product or service.

Marketing is a journey from advertising, promoting and selling to delivering it to the customer and taking feedback from the customer.

What is the role of packaging in marketing the product?

In the beginning, we have talked about what marketing is. Now, in this section, we will talk about the role of packaging in marketing the product.

To understand, how important packaging is. Let’s take a look at this statistic which shows that a whopping 64% of people try new products solely based on packaging and that’s not all 41% of people will continue to buy the product again and again just based on looks.

First impressions never have a second chance. This statement is true when it comes to marketing. A product’s packaging plays an important role in doing so. When a customer goes shopping, what is the only thing that catches their attention? It is the packaging of a product.

Packing plays an essential role in the marketing of a product. When we talk about the 4Ps of marketing then we come across them as Product, Prize, Promotion and Place.

The product is in the first place, as the competition to sell goes higher and higher. The need to make interactive packaging becomes a must.

What are the benefits of packaging in marketing?

Though making product packaging interactive is a very hard task, it is rewarding as well. Good product packaging helps a company to get many benefits directly and indirectly.

We have a short list of benefits that a brand gets from having nice packaging.

  1. Building brand awareness

To sell things, your target audience must know about your product cause no matter how good your product is if people do not know that your product exists, how will you sell your product?

Creating brand awareness is not very expensive, you can easily achieve it with the help of a simple custom packaging tape. A simple tape is more than enough when you are trying to build brand awareness.

  • Trust building

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. It could be your relationship with your loved one or even your favourite candy. You have to trust that your loved ones will support you when you are not at your best.

In the same way, your favourite candy has built trust that it will taste the same, no matter how many candies you eat or from where you buy it from. You will get the same blend of flavours that you like.

Just like that, a brand has to create trust among its customers. When we talk about trust it includes the product to be able to deliver what it promises.

Not only that, when we talk about trust-building it should be done with your target audience. When you pick the things that a certain group of people resonate with then you should mention it on your packaging.

For example: If your product says that its packaging is made from 100% recycled material. Then mention it on your product packaging. So that you can build relationships with your target audience and they can resonate with the same.

  • Increases sales

Sales are the lifeline of every business. Without sales, not even a single brand or company can stay in business. Product packaging is very effective when we talk about sales. Why are we saying so?

Because you can’t make sure that your product always has a salesperson around. In such cases, your product must sell by itself and achieve it. Having interactive packaging is the same.

  • Unboxing experience

A good way to make sure that people know about your brand is to include your brand story in your product packaging. These days brands and companies are trying new things to make sure that customers are interacting with the brand. It is being achieved with the help of the unboxing experience.

We have felt this excitement ourselves as we open our packages. This feels like opening our birthday presents.

This unboxing excitement feels similar to a childhood one. When a customer opens up our products they should feel that they are going through a story of a brand that they resonate with.

  • Positive brand image

Brand image is also seen as an important aspect of marketing. Brand image refers to the opinion that people have about a brand or company. It serves as an important task to make sure that your brand or company has a positive brand image.

A positive image not only helps to drive up sales but also works to retain current customers and help to make them loyal. And loyal customers are assets of every brand and company as they contribute to more than 75% of the company’s share of wallet.

Product packaging that has a unique message that matches the vibe of your target audience helps to build positive energy for the brand.

To put it in simple words

This was all about the importance of packaging in marketing a product. In this blog, we have talked about the meaning of marketing.

Then we proceeded to discuss the role that packaging plays in marketing the product after which we headed to talk about the benefits of packaging in marketing.

This was all for now.

Thank you for reading til the end.

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