How to Work with the Right Type of Influencer

How to Work with the Right Type of Influencer

Nano influencers are little yet strong influencers who are highly valued by companies nowadays. They are, above all, genuine customers, and the cornerstone of every customer-centric approach. Learn how to work with these specialized agents and make the most of their abilities.

What exactly is a nano influencer?

A nano influencer is someone with a social media following of fewer than 5,000 people. They’re customers who interact with a small group of people. The network of a nano influencer is generally made up of people he knows personally and who have common interests.

Nano influencers aren’t trained, marketers. They’re regular social media users who are also quite engaged. Nano influencers India frequently shares moments from their life, consumer experiences, and suggestions, and they connect with their followers regularly. They’re genuine speakers, and their audience appreciates that.

Nano influencers are very effective Brand Evangelists.

Nano influencers are perfect brand advocates for businesses who wish to speak directly to their target demographic. You’ll be able to segment your campaigns extremely precisely and gain direct feedback from your ideal prospects if you support your influencer marketing plan with many of these specialty actors.

Nano influencers have a far closer relationship with their followers than content providers with millions of followers, which means their engagement rate is considerably greater. A micro influencer’s engagement rate on Instagram might reach up to 8%. Meanwhile, macro influencer engagement is at an all-time high of 2%. 

Nano influencers’ opinions are entirely trusted by their followers because they are not marketing experts. Their posts resemble a consumer review or UGC (User Generated Content) more than a cooperation post. They gain the trust of customers and influence their purchasing decisions.

Choosing the proper nano-influencers for your company

Having a clear vision of your ideal customer is the first step in finding your niche influencers. Then you may use social media to look for people who better embody this image. Examine the accounts of your followers to help you with your study. You’ll most likely come across a few influential people that share your brand’s beliefs.

You may cooperate with a micro influencer platform like Doyourthng to speed up the process. This type of platform will help you to find the proper profiles in less time while also lowering the margin of error.

Once you’ve identified your potential ambassadors, familiarize yourself with their backgrounds and profiles before contacting them one by one. Nano influencers are in far lower demand than larger content providers. It should be simpler to form a positive relationship with them. Never, however, undervalue the human element of the relationship. As a result, you should target each micro-influencer separately.

Choosing the appropriate partner

Because nano influencers aren’t professional content creators, they don’t expect to get compensated for working with businesses. However, it is easier to ensure a proper incentive, develop a mutually beneficial connection, and so earn your micro influencer’s devotion.

One of the greatest possibilities is a nicely presented product with modest individual embellishments. Another option (among many) is to invite your nano influencers to special events while always covering their travel costs.

Provide a diverse experience

It’s critical to engage your nano influencers in your campaigns by providing them with an engaging experience. Consider them to be high-end customers. Propose personalized items to them so that they may get the most out of your stuff.

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