How to turn custom chocolate boxes into luxurious ones?

chocolate boxes

Do you want to give a present to your loved ones on their birthday and don’t know what to give them? Well, all of us have been to that point once in our life. And at the end of the day, we come up with a solution that can make everyone happy. Giving a chocolate boxes as a present never gets old. No matter how old or young the person is, the chocolate can put a smile on their smile whenever they open up the box. 

Imagine giving your loved ones a bar of expensive chocolate in a substandard box. How would it make them feel? Well, they would feel angry. And not to mention, such packaging would decrease your product’s worth.

Then how should we customize our chocolate boxes? What are the ways to turn a simple case into an elegant and luxurious one? Finally, how much would it cost us to buy fancy-looking boxes? If you are curious, then keep reading. We discuss everything you need to know about the custom chocolate packaging box.

By using a sturdy box.

What is luxurious packaging? How do you define it? A case that looks glamorous or a box that looks glossy and has a sleek appearance? Or maybe it could be a combination of all three. Let’s assume that such a box is glamorous, shiny, and has a sleek look. But on the other hand, it is flimsy. Now, would you consider the box an expensive one or a cheap one?

A sturdy box weighs to be the luxurious one. Luxurious brands all over the world use rigid packaging to showcase and sell their products. Such a brand not only costs you for the product you bought but also for the box that comes with it. 

A chocolate gift box must be sturdy for it to impress your loved ones. And it is also necessary for you to feel confident while giving the present. You can use rigid packaging or paperboard packaging as they are firm and also organic. The material of these boxes does not react with the product, and the item remains fresh.

By foiling:

We all have seen the shiny packaging boxes representing the products in the shop. Their glossy appearance forces us to examine such effects and finally buy them.

People tend to buy products that appear elegant and luxurious. It is in our nature to get attracted to shiny and expensive packaging. And that is the reason why we feel an urge to examine the product we get curious about. Therefore, foiling plays a crucial role in the market. In the packaging industry, designers are being creative and are using this process in many compelling ways.

But what is foiling? Foiling is the process of overlapping the packaging material with foil using heat and pressure. The metalized foil that gets used in this process is silver, gold, or aluminum. 

Foiling could be done on the whole surface of the chocolate boxes wholesale. 

You can also customize a design, illustration, or brand identity with this technique. This process is often preferred to get used for brand logos and slogans. They give the brand identity a wholesome and unique look. Meanwhile, it also makes them more visible to the public. Due to the glossy logo printed on the box, customers could remember your brand more comfortably.

By customizing it properly:

There are various ways to customize a box. Some of these methods are:

● Screen printing,

● Digital printing,

● Flexography,

● Gravure or rotogravure,

● 3D printing,

● LED UV, etc.

All of these are the infamous printing method widely getting used all over the globe. Meanwhile, you can also use the process of engraving and embossing for a more elegant appearance.

By highlighting the brand identity:

What makes a box luxurious? Customizing it with foils or printing techniques? Well, imagine we did customize the case with the best methods in the market, then what? Doesn’t something feel missing? You guessed it right. A brand identity gives the box a wholesome look.

Carve in your logo to highlight the brand even more.

By using the right color.

Colors affect our mood and how we react to that color. For example, if a rigid box has a black color, the product is weighed to be luxurious. So play with different colors and choose the best color palette for your customized chocolate boxes. 

By using the appropriate box:

A suitable box could highlight your products and increase their worth. Meanwhile, a wrong one could easily affect your sales and brand image negatively. Let us discuss some packaging boxes that proved to be suitable for chocolates.

Boxes with inserts:

These are the most popular gift packaging boxes that never fail in impressing your loved ones. These boxes contain inserts that keep the discrete item in its place. 

In the case of the food item, organic inserts get used so that they do not react negatively. In addition, inserts often get used for two-piece boxes.

Sleeve boxes:

These packaging boxes are typical luxurious boxes that could be seen in every well-known brand. No matter what the product you sell, if it’s expensive enough, you can use sleeve boxes to increase its worth.

These boxes consist of two parts: a container and a sleeve in which the container fits. Macarons, chocolates, candies are the typical products that get placed in these boxes.

 Truffle boxes:

These packaging boxes are specially manufactured and used for chocolates. They often contain inserts in them which keep the item looking sophisticated and presentable. 

Meanwhile, the chocolate box packaging gets customized with different techniques like foiling or printing. Every method gives a different look, but at the same time, they look decent and professional. These boxes are also organic and lightweight. All of these features make them an ideal case for gifts.

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