How To Tint Your Eyelashes: 5 DIY Tips For Coloring Yours, at Home

Tint Your Eyelashes

You’re probably going to want to boost your make-up game when you leave the house now that we’re back in the social scene.

If you want to live your best life, it will take some time. Using cosmetic techniques that save time is therefore a fantastic idea.

Moreover, you can also use eye lightning drops to make your eye color pop. The tinting of the DIY eyelash is the next step. How can I apply a lash tint at home without having to leave my house?

Have no fear. We’ve got your back.

So, what should you do when it comes to the home lash tint? This section explains the pros and cons of doing mediocre painting at home in a comprehensive manner.

Does an eyelash tint persist for a long time?

You can expect your professional tint to last for at least 6 weeks.

However, the roots might be seen at this point because of regular hair growth cycles.

Since the treatments used in your own home are gentler and the tints are not applied as close to the roots, they tend to fade out faster.

Experiencing excessive levels of sunshine or chlore can also cause the color to fade. Grand lash and latisse, on the other hand, are excellent for it. It’s only a matter of choosing. 

GrandeLash vs. Latisse:

Whether Grandelash is as good as Latisse depends on your own preferences.

There is a chance that Latisse is worth a shot if you are in desperate need of a more intense hair growth regimen.

Still, Grandelash offers powerful hair growth serums that contain the amino acid Proline, which promotes hair growth and hair follicle development.

Compared to Latisse’s technological and medical approach to hair growth, the brand’s image is more natural. Many of Grandelash’s accomplishments have been recognized.

Have you noticed that your eyelashes have a terrible tint to them?

Definitely not; nevertheless, you should take caution when handling it.

In addition, you must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and do a patch test to ensure that there is no skin reaction.

The blending instructions, together with the monitoring of the processing duration, are all important to the cleansing of the pinch.

Is it possible to color my eyelashes in the comfort of my home?

In fact, if you don’t often use mascara, or you’re worried about having to apply it in lockdown every day, consider coloring your cloves instead.

It will help you define your eyes and frame them in a beautiful way.

If you use black mascara often, Eylure’s Lash Tint is available in Dark Brown and Black. However, light mascara and dark brown are recommended.

Men may also use Lash Tint, which is the perfect treatment for framing all of their lashes.

How can I dye my lashes at home without harming them?

At all times, do a patch test:

Do it 48 hours in advance. In spite of the fact that you dye your hair and laugh in bars, you still need to patch test.

Removing all make up:

Assist the removal of maquillage by using an elastic or a light make-up removal product. Make-up residue might prevent the color from reaching the pins.

Make sure to apply petroleum jelly to the area around your eyes and under your eyelid. On the other hand, it does not make touch with the hair on your lower eyelid.

As a result, it works as a barrier to prevent skin discoloration.

Customize the wall:

Lash tinting products come with an applicator, much like a mascara.

A gentle 90-degree bend in the wall is ideal.

This simplifies the application process and makes it less messy. The product will not reach your hands, and you will be able to hold the handle with more control.


It is important to brush the product on both sides well. As well as that, brush it below and on top of the lashes while using the applicator to apply [tint].

As a result, be careful to coat all the hair. When applying mascara, tightening your fingers slightly improves the coverage of every lash. You may also want to apply your mascara afterward.

The timer starts when the last eye is done, not when the first eye is finished.

Finally, check to see if your eyelashes are truly focused at their tips. Keep an eye out for the tips of your eyelashes, since the sun will make them appear shorter than they are.

If the tip is also tinted properly, it will make it look much longer than it really is.

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